September 28, 2013


It's the day before the gig. Somehow I got a wee bit sick this past week. Just a tiny, minuscule don't-even-worry-about-it cold. But I did worry... because I have a gig tomorrow. So I've done everything humanly possible to get better. And I am. I feel 97% well. Right now I'm at Haymarket CafĂ© drinking the "Lucky's Immune Boost" cocktail: Ginger, beet, carrot, apple, echinacea, vitamin C. Is that not the epitome of Healthy? It's also really good. 

I've bought vitamin C, echinacea and chicken broth. I've had an orange every day this week and sprayed saline nasal spray into my nose. I've exercised to trick my body into thinking everything is normal and totally fine. I've gargled salt water. I've had loads of water and tea. I just bought eucalyptus, thyme, elderberry, cinnamon and peppermint at Cornucopia (now that I've discovered the 'bulk' area, I go there often! I usually get less than an ounce of something and it'll cost something like 30 cents – it's fantastic. They also sell matcha green tea which I absolutely love. Obviously it's the most expensive thing to buy, at $59.99/lb. I'll get an ounce or two for around $5-6 and it'll last me a while.) I'll be fine tomorrow. 100% fine. Vx 

September 26, 2013


weight loss
I don't think it's strange that I should write this while eating a piece of dark chocolate (my favorite). Dark chocolate is good for you – BOOM. While making this before/after, I just... have no words. WOW. I hadn't really noticed the difference since I look at myself in the mirror every day. Now I see it. Did I have to lose weight? Not really, I was normal. Average. Fine. But I didn't feel fine. Still, like most people, I didn't do a thing about it (other than complain). That is, until May of this year. Now, bam! I'm happy. Vx

September 22, 2013


IMG_0233 big news! 
Not really, unless you live in the Pioneer Valley.
I'm opening for Declan O'Rourke at the Iron Horse next Sunday!
September 29 at 7pm.
Come, come, you are invited. Vx

September 19, 2013


dress c/o Pepa Loves • tights: no idea • hat: Galerie LaFayette • shoes: hmmm...

It is no secret that I am terrible at coming up with titles. For the blog, for my songs: it's all the same. They all suck. As a blogger who occasionally posts outfit pictures and has wasted a lot of precious time trying to come up with clever titles for each one, I'm happy to announce it's all over. I'm taking the easy way out, and inspired by James' Worn outfit posts, I will be doing a "Worn around Wilder" series. While I'm at Smith, that is... No more thinking – yesss...
I write to you today while I sip on some Chia Fresca. It's one of the strangest things I've ever tasted. It's the texture, actually. And it looks like a thousand little insects in my water. I don't know how I feel about it yet. What to say about this outfit though... Pepa Loves sent me this incredible dress. I love it so much. It is comfortable and elegant. Last time you saw me wearing it with Cormac and the lads. Ah, what a great night that was... I also plan to wear this dress for my next gig. Vx

September 16, 2013


Heya! Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday. I did most of my work for the week yesterday... yes, yes. So today I went to the gym twice. I think 7-8:30pm is the best time to go for me. Then I take a shower, and am super tired and ready for bed. Then again, I love going first thing in the morning. There is no bad time for the gym, is there...
I love 'link' posts where bloggers share things they've found on the internet that are interesting/funny/yummy... I've done it before, here it is again. Vx

September 12, 2013


I wanted to go out this afternoon... I don't have ballet until 5pm so why not get some matcha green tea powder at Cornucopia? Um... 85 degrees. Too hot, I've nothing to wear. It's so humid, my god. Staying in my room, naked. Because I can. 
Here's a song for your ears to enjoy. This here's a man who can dance, oh yes. Vx

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September 8, 2013


Pamplona 1
In august, my mom and I walked from Saint Jean-Pied-de-Port to Pamplona. From the age of seven to ten, I lived in Pamplona and this was the first time I'd been back since then. It was quite special. I had no idea Hemingway had been there; there were so many places with references to him! it was amazing. Eating "tapas" is one of the best experiences ever; My advice? Go to Spain. Eat tapas. 
I took very little on this trip and it was marvelous. Everything I took was purely out of necessity. 

Pamplona 2 Pamplona 3 Pamplona 4 Pamplona 5
Pamplona 6 Pamplona 7 Pamplona 8 Pamplona 9 Pamplona 10 Pamplona 11
I would say the second day of walking was the best. We left from our "refuge" in Orisson at 7:30 in the morning and got to see the beautiful sunrise. There were a lot of people, and everyone goes at their own pace. My pace was that of the roadrunner's. I passed over fifteen people on my way to being #1, and walked at an average of 5.3 km/hour. I walked alone, always; sometimes listening to music (thanks for the company Thom Yorke). I know the point isn't to be first, but it was a cathartic experience. At moments I felt like Chris McCandless, in the wild. At times it was so hard going up up up and then down down doooown, but it felt amazing to push myself and to succeed. I would definitely go back to Orisson to walk that path again, it was unbelievably beautiful.

In Pamplona, we stayed with some old friends, and I got to see girls I'd gone to school with. I've seen pictures of many of the people I used to know there, and it was funny because the three I hung out with were the three that hadn't changed at all. They just got taller. It was so fun to meet up again, and not awkward at all, believe it or not. Every night we went out for tapas, hitting several bars each night, trying to find original new tapas to try...

The last day, we took a bus to Biarritz and then a train from Biarritz to Paris. We walked around a bit and even spent some time on the beach – not too long, though. It's me we're talking of, hello. Every day was different and great in its own way. It was a fantastic trip. Vx

September 4, 2013


Nantes outfit 1 Nantes outfit 2 Nantes outfit 3
sweater: don't remember • dress: Aeropostale • sunglasses: Ray Ban

Ah, summer... Summer is over! Summer is over because I'm in the US starting classes. It's fall semester and I'm a second semester junior starting ballet classes for the first time since I was five years old. God knows why I am so freakishly excited about it. Vx

September 1, 2013


 photo 21eb2a208f65a0445c514e10ebe2cfa6.jpg  photo a20abdf930bc35f0609b2df321232b1c.jpg  photo 913f82752d04b0cab4bd9440c1ea6041.jpg  photo 5ed1d55833c844604f7f7bdd824e5472.jpg  photo b156f54e719e2b5e6afa08ec6c9058c7.jpg  photo b335d442859311d09363f38fa001eaa6.jpg

Here are some beautiful tattoos I found on Pinterest. I've pinned them to my Tattoo board – check them out here. As they say, tattoos are contagious. You can't just have one... I have definitely been thinking of what I want for my second tattoo, buuut I still have no clue. Well, I kind of know what I want, but I still need to make it my own, and still need to think about it. I would love to get one in Northampton, so it always reminds me of my time at Smith. Thus, I have another year and a half to dwell on it. 

Most of these tattoos are moons. May or may not mean something... Vx
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