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October 15, 2013


Valentina Duracinsky - Fall Break
Fall break has come to an end and it has been great. I went to Mosaic café twice, ordered from Noodles twice, got a piece of pumpkin chocolate from Heavenly Chocolate, and am now sitting in Haymarket café drinking the 7-Day smoothie: ginger, orange, mango, coconut, banana, frozen yogurt. I've ordered Captain Crunch, and Lucky's Immune Boost juice cocktails in the past. As always, wow – delicious! 

It's 6PM and the truth is... I'm hiding. I'm hiding from the dining hall food. Tonight: mozzarella sticks. Obviously delicious but I can't do it anymore! This last month I spun out of control just a tad, put on a couple pounds, and I need to go back to being healthy and happy. I was starting to say yes to fries and daily sandwiches, fried things and lots of cookies. It was not making me feel great. I began eating way too much again, getting the dreaded "I'm too full" feeling. Yesterday night I treated myself to that delicious Noodles salad again and it felt good to eat something good and healthy. It's much easier being healthy when you can make your own meals, let me tell you.

I'm looking forward to seeing my mom on Friday!! Vx


Anonymous said...

I totally hate college food too- I avoid the dining hall as much as possible and cook for myself in my room!

Xo, Hannah


Anonymous said...

Hi there! just don't become obsessed. There is times in life where we eat more and times we eat less. Times that we can afford a healthy food and times we're not. Be happy either way and keep being gorgeous as you are already(: Sending good vibes your way~~~

Le monde des petites said...

Yeah, completely agree with you! We alsways eat healthier when we cook by ourself!!!
But be patient, it's not for long anymore!!!

Le monde des petites

Brigita said...

Ad I won't have an autumn break! But I'm more than happy that people use it and make it fun like you did!


joanne said...

wait, captain crunch cocktail !? or is it eating captain crunch while drinking the juice?

either way I miss captain crunch. only the states has such a massive variety of cereals


Michèle Kruesi said...

wonderful photo darling


Hadrien Leite said...

Super cool
Super unique
Looooove it

Caitlin Elizabeth said...

I always love fall break because it means real food! Dining hall food really can be the worst!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, absolutely stunning!
Monica Harmony's Blog

Elegantesque said...

hahaha, good luck on changing your diet habit!

wanna follow each other on GFC/FB and Bloglovin ?

Elegantesque Blog

Sixth Tractate said...

you take amazing photos I love them all
please follow back on Bloglovin
if you like

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