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October 15, 2013


 photo food1.jpg  photo food.jpg

3. Onion & beet soup • 4. Chia fresca

Listening to Alec Baldwin's Here's the Thing and waiting for a classmate to come so we can study for the Research Methods exam coming up. I've started to plan next week when my mom will be here, picking out the restaurants and caf├ęs we will visit (there's not enough time). I realized something – when I overeat, it's usually because I've been drooling over menus or recipes online. So I've stopped following many food boards on Pinterest and hopefully I'll stop getting fake-hungry at midnight. Any recipes you want to try? Vx

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Sarah Lewis said...

Such inspiring pictures !


On the Bright Style

JACK EN NOIR said...

nom nom I'm gettin hungry!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so yummy!

Xo, Hannah

Sammy Casey said...

Yum! All looks so tasty!
Stella + Charlie

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