WORN AROUND WILDER // 02 | Valentina Duracinsky: WORN AROUND WILDER // 02

October 7, 2013


outfit 2-1 outfit 2-2 outfit 2-3 outfit 2-4 outfit 2-5
hat: H&M • necklace c/o Chandler the Robot • top: AB Studio • jeans: H&M • shoes: somewhere in Paris

I'm totally in love with every piece I'm wearing here. Let's start with the necklace. I've been wearing this little Chandler guy almost every day since I got back to Smith. I quite love him. I kind of feel like he's an actual little robot, and my friend... so I'm never alone (awwww or WTF weird). Next, the hat. Oh the hat. I became a hat person just so I could wear this beautiful hat! And the shirt – the perfect white shirt! I'd been looking for a normal silky white button down shirt for ages and they never ever fit right or looked right. This one is so simple and so perfect. Finally the jeans. What a funny story. I'd been looking for those jeans in every. single. H&M I went into. But they always had one or two pairs left, always size 24 (hi, does anyone out there actually fit into size 24 jeans!?) At the time I needed 27, and when my dad found 26, I said "Eh, I won't get my hopes up." I tried them on, and they were super tight, but I hoped that like my other H&M jeans, they would expand a little. Luckily, I also lost a ton of weight and now they fit like a dream. I love this outfit. I love loving everything about it. I love love love love.... Vx

Photos by Alexandra Wallace


m @ two handfuls of said...

i agree...every piece of this outfit is beautiful! i think i have the same pair of h&m jeans....and i adore them too. :)

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

I adore your had and the colour of your pants!

xo Ashley

Tesa Jurjaševič said...

love the hat!

S. said...

I love your hat!

Lake said...

Love the outfit. Simple buy suuuuuuupre cute.


Jennie Grange said...

Your outfit is perfect! And i love your hat!

Anonymous said...

These colors are so great together! I especially love your mustard pants!

Xo, Hannah


Amanda said...

So pretty!

Pepa Lopez said...

wow, love from this outfit 2 things: how the burgundy looks with your hair tone, super cool and great, seriously! The second one: I have never seen burgundy + yellowish together, and I never thought they could actually work together, but oh they do! great great great!

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