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November 16, 2013


Minimalism // 02

There are so many fashion blogs.. So so many. I check a couple regularly (ahem, still loving Native Fox) and then others from time to time just to see what's up. It's interesting to see what these people who work and live in fashion are wearing. Sometimes everything they are wearing is unbelievably expensive and I wonder how they do it. But I still go back... 

One of the reasons is because you can tell that every piece they are wearing is of exquisite quality and I like that. They may be wealthy enough to buy new expensive things every week (or get it for free, as fashion bloggers do) but I'm not. And that's ok because I'm trying to be a minimalist now. And while that covers every other aspect of my life, it also covers fashion. So here are some thoughts:

  • love:  I want to love every item I buy. I love the Madewell jeans I bought recently because I needed them and they're incredibly comfortable.
  • investment: Spending a little extra isn't a problem now. I'm done shopping at places like Forever 21. I want quality for my essentials (like jeans) and I won't be shopping often so it's ok. 

TIP: I've stopped browsing clothing stores online and going shopping just for something to do. It's so much easier to resist if you don't put it right in front of your face. Just stop, you'll see. 

TIP: Get to know yourself. Once you're on this shopping fast, go through all your belongings, think about yourself, try everything you own on and see how you feel, and - big tip - go on your Pinterest style board and go through every single pin, deleting things that aren't you anymore and noticing what remains. Keep mental notes. Ask yourself if you could really see yourself wearing that outfit. This will help you get rid of some things and stop yourself from making the same shopping mistakes. 


Ruth Reyes-Loiacano said...

NO words can describe just how much I can relate. You're a beautiful woman...I love watching you grow on this journey!

Haylee said...

I love this. Honestly it kind of gets me sick to my stomach sometimes to think of how much money some people spend on just SO much stuff. Like designer brands and logos and all that, I have to make a conscious effort to avoid fashion blogs like that because it makes me feel uncomfortable. But I love this idea to just minimalize. Buy nice quality clothing that will last but not feel like you have to have soo much of it like it sometimes seems everyone else has.

I really love your tips too, I need to do that Pinterest one. It's interesting how our style seems to evolve overtime, or at least I've noticed that with mine. Looking at some of my earliest pins shows me really how fleeting and ever-evolving fashion is. Not necessarily a bad thing but interesting to see. :)

Tania Franco said...

Great advice, I'm on a similar journey. It's hard when you don't have the cash to spend on that one item you love. I do still shop at cheaper stores for some trendy pieces that I think are way to expensive everywhere else. I am am trying hard not to shop as often and really buying classic pieces that will always be in style.


Anonymous said...

I definitely respect the idea of fashionable minimalism-- I've always more attracted to classic, well tailored pieces than flamboyant, almost unwearable pieces. And once I cut out places like Forever 21 and H&M from my wardrobe, I really noticed a difference. My entire wardrobe matured and as a result, I acted more mature!

Xo, Hannah


dana dimitras said...

Wow you look so beautiful :)
Do you want to follow each other, let me know?!


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