WORN AROUND WILDER // 05 | Valentina Duracinsky: WORN AROUND WILDER // 05

November 15, 2013


Madewell 1 Madewell 3
hat: Galerie LaFayette • top: Kookai • jeans: Madewell • bag c/o Lodinatt • coat: Pull & Bear 

I listen to a lot of Fran├žoise Hardy these days. I listen to podcasts mostly. I wake up, go to class or the gym, think some thoughts, blink, and before I know it, it's nighttime and every hour seems to have gone by in a minute, and I'm not ready for bed because there's so much I want to do, but then I just overthink and get lost in all my different passions, and how much can one really accomplish alone when you need other people? and oh my god, why do I feel so full! but I want that cookie – and when, ooh when am I going to start blogging again instead of just cleaning my room, watching Law and Order SVU to calm the mind – thoughts should be dealt with though, and things can be done by me and just me. Just slow down and breathe. And enjoy the sunset, it's pink and would make for a beautiful watercolor painting. And smile like a goddamn idiot. Will you? Smile. Vx

Madewell 4


Jennifer Phillips said...

haha! It's okay girl! You do what you can do and that's all!

Emmett Katherine said...

cute, classic outfit :)

agree with the above comment, you can only do so much!

Emmett - Hippie Lace

Emma Walker said...

Love the whole look!

With A City Dream

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