October 30, 2013


Fur 1 Fur 2
I feel ready for the winter now. I have loads of hats and beanies but I will probably wear this fur headband a lot this winter. My ears always get so cold. Now I need a sporty not-so-pretty one for when I go running. Vx

October 28, 2013


Boston B1 Boston B2
Sweater & jeans: GAP • top: H&M • shoes: AndrĂ© • necklace c/o Chandler the Robot • bag: Cork, Ireland

Black and white - one of my new favorite combinations. It was too cold to take off my sweater but the top was white, yes. Another outfit I wore in Boston last weekend. I wear those boots all the time. I remember when I got them. I was so happy. The first few times wearing them was difficult, but now they feel so soft and are amazingly comfortable. Whenever I'm wearing something relatively simple I like to add a little Chandler robot. I could never tire of Chandler. Vx  

October 27, 2013


Ballroom Thieves 1 Ballroom Thieves 2 Ballroom Thieves 3 Ballroom Thieves 4 Ballroom Thieves 5 Ballroom Thieves 6 Ballroom Thieves 7 Ballroom Thieves 8 Ballroom Thieves 9 Ballroom Thieves 10
On Thursday I was delighted to open once again for The Ballroom Thieves. They are talented and funny lads (I don't know what Devin took that night) and it's always great to see them. A nice girl came up after and told me I reminded her of someone (I love this part, it's always funny/strange/cool)... Anais Mitchell! HA! I almost died. I knew what song she was talking about though. Fisherman is inspired by three things: a story Kady read to me one night, The Old Man and The Sea, aaaand Shepherd by Anais Mitchell. It was nice to hear that. It was a fun night. And my mom loved them. Vx

October 26, 2013


Art 1
An overload of pictures, which is unusual, I know... but the Boston museum of fine arts was amaaazing and I must share. I don't know if I've mentioned that I'm taking an art class this semester. I know I talked about ballet. I was freakishly excited about it – still am. Well, I'm taking Drawing too, and along with ballet, it's my favorite class this semester. I've been drawing and painting loads on my free time. During fall break, I spent hours and hours with my watercolors (Detective Goren kept me company). I spent all day and all night painting – it was the most relaxing fall break ever. 
My grandfather draws, and I still remember when I was little we would draw together. But when I was little, I drew two things: dogs, and my best friend Hatley. When I was twelve, I decided I wanted to be a fashion designer and I made a million designs. Some aren't actually terrible. But I grew out of that dream, like most teenagers would. I drew from time to time, but not often. I discovered some ink in my closet while I was taking last semester off, and experimented with that. I drew Twiggy – it was fun. And now I'm back at it. I've spent more time painting than I have playing guitar. The truth is I'm working on the artwork for the album. It makes me feel like the album is in the process of being made. 
Going to the museum was so inspiring. I felt like I could appreciate paintings where I usually would have gone "eh" and walked on ahead searching for anything that looks like Art Nouveau or Renoir. I still don't enjoy Picasso, and I still don't get contemporary art (Tate Modern in London was a whole lot of "What in the world?") but I still stopped and stared. I took loads of pictures to keep me inspired. Here are some... 

Art 2 Art 3 Art 4 Art 5 Art 6 Art 7 Art 8 Art 9 Art 10 Art 11 Art 12 Art 13 Art 14 Art 15 Art 16 Art 17 Art 18 Art 19 Art 20 Art 21 Art 22 Art 23 Art 24 Art 25 Art 26 Art 27 Art 28

October 21, 2013


IMG_3275 IMG_3061 IMG_6312 IMG_3066 IMG_6379 IMG_3265 IMG_3150
I have a ton of blog posts in my head but I don't think I'll have the time to write them this week. Here are a few pictures from our weekend in Boston. We ate a lot of amazing food, went to the amazing Museum of Fine Arts, and walked around loads. More pictures to come, after a quick week of silence while I enjoy every last minute with my mom! Cheers, Vx

October 20, 2013


Boston 1 Boston 2 Boston 3
top: GAP • scarf: Primark • vest: GAP • jeans: GAP • shoes: AndrĂ© • bag c/o Lodinatt

On the bus back to Northampton, finally doing some of the work for this week... ah, this Boston weekend with my mom was worth it. I took my Billabong computer bag and my Lodinatt bag and it was perfect – all I needed. I didn't realize till I got to Boston that most of the things I was wearing were from GAP haha. I do love GAP.

We went down Newbury street last night and I finally went into Madewell. I've needed a good pair of jeans for a while, and after trying on a lot at Madewell, the high riser skinny skinny ankle jeans made the cut. I've done some research, and I know there are a lot of good brands but I'm not ready to shell out 200 bucks for a pair just yet. These were moderately expensive (in my opinion) but a good buy: great quality, amazingly comfortable. I love them! If you're buying online I would size down. I'm usually a size 26 and I got a 24 and they fit perfectly. More Boston related posts to come... Vx

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