January 29, 2014


Paris 1 Valentina Paris 2 Valentina Paris 3 Valentina
sweater: H&M • jeans: AE • coat: Miss Sixty • boots: Clarks • bag from Morocco

This outfit dates back to a sunny day in December. It was one of my first days in Paris with Kady... I wanted to take her to all my favorite spots - le Marais is probably #1. I walk around there aaaall the time. A pretty simple outfit but I like the pop of color. I guess I won't be all black & white. I bet I'd get bored anyway. Vx 

January 27, 2014


 photo 8677d72193b40967f11dc2ba55c054bf.jpg  photo e0989c48b2c07deb7f58806cf9a70a71.jpg  photo a5160396c082087f45d3ed9c6e01e593.jpg  photo d474bb4678dabb3a7f68852a09e4577b.jpg  photo 8e775a90a9f73847787d30344b9bb1e2.jpg  photo 6f2a61a26235ee3c1d0a1b3697c43e0e.jpg

Some lovely ladies wearing neutral colors. What do you think? I love it. Vx

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January 26, 2014


Paris by Valentina Duracinsky
Paris, au revoir. America, hello. I am back. It is 7:30am and I've been up for at least an hour, oh jetlag... I actually love coming over to the US because it means being tired enough to actually fall asleep before 1AM and being able to wake up super early and go for a walk, a run, do laundry... but it fades pretty quickly and then I'm back to not falling asleep until 2am and having a really hard time waking up before 9am. 

This past week, people have asked me if I'm happy to come back to the US, sad to leave France... Honestly, it doesn't really change anything. I feel like I'm constantly on the move, and if I want to go somewhere I will. I feel very lucky. Saying goodbye to goat cheese wasn't hard because I'll be back in France in no time. Three and a half months I believe. But for now, I'm back in the US, and classes start tomorrow. I will also go to the gym tomorrow and I'm very excited about that! and ballet. Ah jesus, so many things. Vx

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January 23, 2014


Thanks for this, Steve. It's grown on me. I want to dance now! Enjoy... Vx

January 20, 2014


Tuscany Wear 4.1 Tuscany Wear 4.2 Tuscany Wear 4.3
t-shirt & sunglasses: H&M • jeans: AE • boots: André

It was warm in December. 

January 18, 2014


Tuscany Wear 3.1 Tuscany Wear 3.2 Tuscany Wear 3.3
hat: thrifted • scarf & jeans: AE • coat: Benetton • sweater: Croft & Barrow • shoes: Bocage

Siena, Italy. I sure love that hat. 

January 15, 2014


Tuscany wear 2.1 Tuscany wear 2.2 Tuscany wear 2.3 Tuscany wear 2.4
hat & scarf: AE • coat: Benetton • shoes: Bocage • bag c/o Pili Barreneche • earrings c/o Chandler the Robot

Another comfy outfit for a day out in Tuscany. Good thing you can't really see the shirt, or else the outfit would be quite weird with too many colors and patterns. Those shoes are the most comfortable amazing shoes I own... Did I mention that before? Here's to always being comfortable in what we wear. Cheers, Vx

January 13, 2014


silly 1 silly 2 silly 4
Recently, Alex and I took some outfit pictures and it was so much fun. I forgot how fun it can be. Alex borrowed a Canon 60D so the quality was fan-fucking-tastic. I was thinking about the way I take/edit outfit pictures now and I wondered about the things I've learned. If I were to give some really quick tips off the top of my head...

Take a lot of pictures – today we took 100 for one outfit alone.

Post very little – honestly, all you need is 2 to 6 photos. Edit, edit, edit. You'll get better at it with time.

Have fun – if you're not having a good day, if the photographer is being annoying, if you don't feel too pretty that day, stop. People should see you glow in your pictures!

Find out what poses work for you – Rarely should someone take a picture where the camera is looking up at you: it can make you look heavy. Sometimes you just have to take the same picture over and over, moving your leg around to notice a nicer angle. Snap and learn.

Change it up – Dance! Be silly. Don't be afraid to move. Stiff pictures aren't as fun. Pretend the camera isn't there.

Don't over-edit – Don't make pictures too bright, too dark, too contrasty, too saturated. Don't take them at a weird angle (why do people do that?). I never read a blog that doesn't have good pictures.

Be yourself – are you wearing an outfit you would actually wear? Putting together outfits is fun, but I always go back to blogs that have honest outfits. I feel like you can tell. Nobody is forcing you to take outfit pictures. Take a break. Make sure you are being you

Hope this helps... Vx

silly 3 silly 5

January 11, 2014


pinterest 2 pinterest 1 pinterest 3 pinterest 4
These days I want a simple style. A lot of black and white and grey. Mostly black. I have no desire for new clothes. I am so happy to say that I've gotten rid of so many things, and I have a big pile of things to sell. Progress! Minimalism is the key. Vx

January 9, 2014


Tuscany Wear 1 Tuscany Wear 2 Tuscany Wear 3
hat: H&M • coat: Benetton • jeans: AE • bag: Morocco • scarf: AE • boots: André

This is what I wore one freezing day in Florence... I bought the hat there because my ears were dying. When it gets really cold and I don't have a hat on, my ears start to suffer and then I get a headache. It's not fun. Still, it was ok. I mean, I was in Florence. Vx

January 7, 2014


Paris 2 Paris 3 Paris 4 Paris 5
I don't know if I wrote about it yet, but Kady (my best friend from Smith) stayed with us for the holidays. It was amazing. Here are some pictures from our Christmas dinner, and then crêpes on the 25th, coffee with Éloise... Vx

January 5, 2014


Italy 1 Italy 2 Italy 3 Italy 4 Italy 5 Italy 6 Italy 7 Italy 8 Italy 9 Italy 10
Some pictures from my week in Tuscany in December. The two pasta dishes you see are rabbit+pomegranate and white truffle. Both were amazing! I especially love the pictures of the beautiful landscapes... Vx

January 1, 2014


New Year 1 New Year 2 New Year 3 New Year 4 New Year 5 New Year 6 New Year 7 New Year 8 New Year 9
Hello, hello. I welcome 2014 with open arms. If this year turns out to be better than 2013 then... wow. Last night Apolline had Kady, Eloise and me over for a delicious New Year dinner party. It was small, yes, just the four of us, but these ladies are three of my best friends, so it was extra special to be able to spend the evening with them. We drank whiskey sours, daiquiris and so many glasses of champagne. I made chèvre chaud salads (my specialty!) and Apolline spoiled us with salmon toast amuse-bouches and lamb tagine with apricots and raisins. Eloise so kindly brought the cheese – of course, we are in France, we need cheese.

It seems almost silly to make resolutions. We always forget them after a few weeks (or days)... But of course I do have a few. I want to focus way more on music. I want to be super toned and healthy. I want to spend more time drawing and painting. I want to continue my minimalist attitude and get rid of more stuff. I want to remember to do 100 sit-ups every day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful evening! Here's to a great year. Vx

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