January 13, 2014


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Recently, Alex and I took some outfit pictures and it was so much fun. I forgot how fun it can be. Alex borrowed a Canon 60D so the quality was fan-fucking-tastic. I was thinking about the way I take/edit outfit pictures now and I wondered about the things I've learned. If I were to give some really quick tips off the top of my head...

Take a lot of pictures – today we took 100 for one outfit alone.

Post very little – honestly, all you need is 2 to 6 photos. Edit, edit, edit. You'll get better at it with time.

Have fun – if you're not having a good day, if the photographer is being annoying, if you don't feel too pretty that day, stop. People should see you glow in your pictures!

Find out what poses work for you – Rarely should someone take a picture where the camera is looking up at you: it can make you look heavy. Sometimes you just have to take the same picture over and over, moving your leg around to notice a nicer angle. Snap and learn.

Change it up – Dance! Be silly. Don't be afraid to move. Stiff pictures aren't as fun. Pretend the camera isn't there.

Don't over-edit – Don't make pictures too bright, too dark, too contrasty, too saturated. Don't take them at a weird angle (why do people do that?). I never read a blog that doesn't have good pictures.

Be yourself – are you wearing an outfit you would actually wear? Putting together outfits is fun, but I always go back to blogs that have honest outfits. I feel like you can tell. Nobody is forcing you to take outfit pictures. Take a break. Make sure you are being you

Hope this helps... Vx

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Eunicia Balaj said...

Beautiful photos

Ysl giveaway on my blog :)


Katie Albury said...

This is great...love the photographs and the black dress is gorgeous!

Katie x

Amanda said...

You're so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

These are all good tips! I definitely think it's important to take many photos, since you never know which ones you'll be the most attracted to!

Xo, Hannah


sarit roytman said...

So, first- Your blog is amazing!! Followed you for sure, can`t wait to see new posts!! Second- What camera do you use? I`m really trying to find new camera but I don`t know which one.. You can email me: saritroytman@gmail.com :) thank you x

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