TUSCANY WEAR // 03 | Valentina Duracinsky: TUSCANY WEAR // 03

January 18, 2014


Tuscany Wear 3.1 Tuscany Wear 3.2 Tuscany Wear 3.3
hat: thrifted • scarf & jeans: AE • coat: Benetton • sweater: Croft & Barrow • shoes: Bocage

Siena, Italy. I sure love that hat. 


Joana said...

So cute! I love the coat.

Joana x
When You Dream Big

Anonymous said...

that coat looks great with that scarf! lovely outfit.

Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

Ginevra Adamoli said...

Cute shoes. Molto carine. Le cerco da molto ma non le trovo. Gin www.fashion4therealpeople.blogspot.com

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Very cute green coat! You look so cute!

the style crusader said...

Gorgeous outfit. I love the shade of your coat with the plaid scarf and super thick hat. Such a perfect winter look! xx

The Fashion Panda said...

Love the green coat !! :)


Rosaly Escueta said...

looking great and i love the totality of your outfit - keep it up!

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wait for you-Rosaly

Emilie said...

Love this look!

Heidi Catherine said...

I just love the color combination between the coat and your hair! :) xx

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Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous green coat! I love your warm accessories too, the hat and scarf are adorable!

Xo, Hannah


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