February 27, 2014


Madewell 2 Madewell 3 Madewell 4 Madewell 5
top: Madewell • jeans: Madewell • boots: Pepe Jeans • coat: Pull & Bear • bag c/o Pili Barreneche

A simple outfit for a simple fall day (this outfit is from October!)...

February 19, 2014


 photo 1bb9386ab8359c0f0c08bc549b757734.jpg  photo 7a48c539b56a92398d722544d96510cb.jpg  photo 578e160c1a18b91404a0d1c8d42f4d00.jpg  photo cff17cc86ba18398a9ae97091a8bb5bb.jpg  photo 84ba689ff58ac1b6e701d918fadd5109.jpg  photo 2f0872c0a9f59455f1e1cc0a9ea8ec07.jpg

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Here are some more nice images for this week! Today I went to the library and browsed some books on printmaking... I'm definitely interested in screenprinting (or pochoir, or serigraphy... apparently these are all the same!?) and linoleum block printing. I'm not so sure about lithography - it seems awfully complicated and I would never be as good as Mucha haha. Vx

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February 16, 2014


Paris Valentina Duracinsky
  • amazing ways to use an ice tray for something other than ice
  • Cormac's band have a new single. It's bumpy and nice.
  • I also like this song.
  • Stumbled across these tips for all areas in your life. Obvious, but sometimes you have to remind yourself, right? LIFEBOOK

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February 14, 2014


 photo fd65112d66a54c732342155db0896dee.jpg  photo 7ff3b7701f653a9b63b4c435b0d56587.jpg  photo 82814aff408a85d8e13d3f5a2a320304.jpg  photo 4b70baab7e9d96e0ff15a11ae3704f2e.jpg  photo 12349d725ebc4b0184048ddfe76e7ad0.jpg

Happy Valentina's day. Vx

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February 6, 2014


book 1 book 2
book 5 book 3 book 4

Are you looking for something new to read? Here is a little book list I made for you! 

I am so happy I finally got around to reading Under the Banner of Heaven. Jon Krakauer goes into almost excruciating detail about the Mormon faith, the history of the LDS church and the death of a mother and infant, both brutally murdered by Ron and Dan Lafferty, two religious fundamentalists. It is absolutely fascinating. And if I haven't already said so, Into the Wild is my favorite book ever, so I definitely recommend it. Vx

February 4, 2014


Umbrella 1 Umbrella 2 Umbrella 3 Umbrella 4 Umbrella 5
rainbow umbrella c/o Uncommon Goods • vintage dress c/o Vic & Lily • 
earrings c/o Chandler the Robot • hat & tights: H&M • boots: AndrĂ© • belt: thrifted

It is snowing in Northampton, so yeah, this outfit dates back to... November. The umbrella is the best, is it not? I haven't worn that lovely dress in a while. It's almost impossible for me to dress well this semester. Three mornings a week I work with toddlers and they spill things and twist and turn and don't know what end of the marker they have in the air, and I just need to be comfortable. The other two weekdays I have ballet in the morning, so I just wear tights and a leotard all day. And then I spend a lot of free time at the gym, and at the art studio painting for class... Basically all I need is fitness wear and a pair of jeans I can dirty... Super! Actually, it should be a really great semester. Vx

February 2, 2014


Valentina Duracinsky Ballet
Aw man, this first week of classes was intense... Before classes started, I honestly thought nothing would go wrong and that I had picked all the right ones.. On Tuesday I ended up dropping two classes that were not for me, and I started to panic because I was down to 14 credits. Luckily I found another class that suits me much better, and I think this new week will be all about settling into a new routine. 

When I got back, I decided to try to be vegan for a week. I wasn't too successful, seeing as when I woke up on Tuesday I completely forgot about the plan and went for my usual yogurt and granola, and then on Thursday I somehow didn't eat anything vegan. I was tempted by everything and said no to nothing. So I'm continuing this veganism for a bit. It's a nice little cleanse and a lesson of self control.

This week's challenges

I don't have the time to clean and just hang around during the day like I used to. In fact, I don't want to do that anymore. It was just a lot of time waisted watching TV shows and slowly cleaning. This week I will start something new. Every day I'll play one long upbeat song (like this one) and clean as much as I can really quickly! 

After I finish the one non-vegan thing in the fridge that I really did allow myself this week (a surprisingly delicious chicken salad with water chestnuts and cashews from the freakin' dining hall), it's 100% vegan for a week, baby. 

Do 95% of this week's homework on the weekend. Yesterday I did most of the reading, I have a few things left, but I think I can do it!

Go to the gym every day. Starting today! I had seriously let myself go during winter break, and after just one week of healthy eating and going to the gym three times, I already see a huge difference. Amazing. 

February 1, 2014


Absolutely loving this! Made to Stray by Mount Kimbie. Listen, listen, listen up... I really like what happens at 0:40 too. Jesus, so good. Enjoy! Vx

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