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February 2, 2014


Valentina Duracinsky Ballet
Aw man, this first week of classes was intense... Before classes started, I honestly thought nothing would go wrong and that I had picked all the right ones.. On Tuesday I ended up dropping two classes that were not for me, and I started to panic because I was down to 14 credits. Luckily I found another class that suits me much better, and I think this new week will be all about settling into a new routine. 

When I got back, I decided to try to be vegan for a week. I wasn't too successful, seeing as when I woke up on Tuesday I completely forgot about the plan and went for my usual yogurt and granola, and then on Thursday I somehow didn't eat anything vegan. I was tempted by everything and said no to nothing. So I'm continuing this veganism for a bit. It's a nice little cleanse and a lesson of self control.

This week's challenges

I don't have the time to clean and just hang around during the day like I used to. In fact, I don't want to do that anymore. It was just a lot of time waisted watching TV shows and slowly cleaning. This week I will start something new. Every day I'll play one long upbeat song (like this one) and clean as much as I can really quickly! 

After I finish the one non-vegan thing in the fridge that I really did allow myself this week (a surprisingly delicious chicken salad with water chestnuts and cashews from the freakin' dining hall), it's 100% vegan for a week, baby. 

Do 95% of this week's homework on the weekend. Yesterday I did most of the reading, I have a few things left, but I think I can do it!

Go to the gym every day. Starting today! I had seriously let myself go during winter break, and after just one week of healthy eating and going to the gym three times, I already see a huge difference. Amazing. 


Nicole Aguinaldo said...

Wow this is lovely :) you have a fantastic blog! :)


Anonymous said...

I love your blog so much
Always a place I can go for inspiration, ideas or just a little pick-me-up
Thank you so much
You have made many of my days brighter

Anonymous said...

I always love your Sunday links! The article about sleep was really interesting and I'm always a sucker for gorgeous photos of dancers (being a dancer myself!) And I applaud you for trying out being vegan and going to the gym more often! I've been a vegetarian for a year now and I try to dance every day and do the gym three times a day. It always makes me feel so happy and energized to work out!

Xo, Hannah

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