WORN AROUND WILDER // 10 | Valentina Duracinsky: WORN AROUND WILDER // 10

February 4, 2014


Umbrella 1 Umbrella 2 Umbrella 3 Umbrella 4 Umbrella 5
rainbow umbrella c/o Uncommon Goods • vintage dress c/o Vic & Lily • 
earrings c/o Chandler the Robot • hat & tights: H&M • boots: AndrĂ© • belt: thrifted

It is snowing in Northampton, so yeah, this outfit dates back to... November. The umbrella is the best, is it not? I haven't worn that lovely dress in a while. It's almost impossible for me to dress well this semester. Three mornings a week I work with toddlers and they spill things and twist and turn and don't know what end of the marker they have in the air, and I just need to be comfortable. The other two weekdays I have ballet in the morning, so I just wear tights and a leotard all day. And then I spend a lot of free time at the gym, and at the art studio painting for class... Basically all I need is fitness wear and a pair of jeans I can dirty... Super! Actually, it should be a really great semester. Vx


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Catarsys Leather | Luxury Leather said...

Nice pictures!!!


Hadrien Leite said...

Awesome outfit and cool pics :D
Super nice Blog


Anonymous said...

This rainbow umbrella is such a fun accessory, and I LOVE your vintage dress! It's so flattering and pretty!

Xo, Hannah


La Tea NonSoloModa said...

Hello dear, beautiful blog and amazing photos :) great look!!! i follow you with pleasure on bloglovin,instagram and facebook, if you want to pass by me :)


kiss Tea

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