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March 13, 2014


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I feel so ready to graduate, so ready to get out of here. Right now I'm in the 'hate' phase of my love/hate relationship with this place. Smith College is great, sure, but I'm done... I'm done with the classes that I'm not passionate about, and the people that seem to live on another planet that I'm not even going to try to be on anymore, and the weather (snow, nobody wants you anymore), and the room that is not feng shui in any way - always cluttered, always cramped, always dirty (my fault, I know), and the dining hall food that I don't want, and the college life that I feel I've most certainly outgrown. Ready for the next step. Vx

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Marissa Jamie said...

I love these, especially the last picture! :)

Jessica L said...

Good luck on your endeavors! Looks like you're ready to move on to the next exciting stage of your life! -Jessica L

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