March 27, 2014


On my second day I had a delicious breakfast. Cushing dining hall had hard boiled eggs and I grabbed six (!!), peeled them and ate two or three egg whites with cottage cheese and put the rest in a bag with some nutritional yeast and saved 'em for later. Just the egg whites – it's what I like; it's the protein. You wouldn't believe how good and full I felt all morning long. During ballet I ate two or three almonds just out of habit of snacking even when not hungry (not the best habit!). For lunch I had an amazing chicken salad. I added all the egg whites too... As a dessert/early afternoon snack I had a small green banana with peanut butter... I wasn't hungry so it was a mistake. I hit the gym and remembered to keep hydrated. For dinner I definitely slipped up. I got kale, quinoa, edamame, broccoli, mushrooms (all good) and then out of temptation, I tasted the pork dumplings... oh so delicious. I had a few of those with duck sauce (oops!!). For dessert I ate a green apple. Surprisingly good! I usually like red delicious apples. This one was nice and crunchy.

I just wanted to give a couple examples of what I eat during the day. I won't do it for every day though. The third day wasn't too bad, though I had a late night snack even though I wasn't hungry... food, why are you so tempting! Today is the fourth day. Breakfast was perfect but I skipped snack and was starving for lunch - result? I ate a lot very quickly without realizing when I'd had enough. I had a green apple for dessert but I wish I had waited a bit and had it as an afternoon snack. Now I feel uncomfortably full.

At least I can say I ate too much of some good stuff. I mean, I'm not going to sit here and slap myself for eating an extra apple... ummm, they're pretty darn healthy so let's move on. I am also super proud of myself for walking by – and here's the full list – mango crumble, brownies, muffins, pumpkin bread, lemon bars, yogurt, and a sundae ice cream bar and not giving into temptation. I'd say I've taken a few steps forward in kicking the sugar addiction!

By the way, in the book she asks some questions to determine if the detox is for you. Here are some examples:
• do you crave sugar all day, every day? Do you crave carbohydrates?
• do you experience spikes and dips in your energy levels throughout the day?
• are you trying to burn body fat?

She also talks about some signs of sugar addiction.
short term: mood swings, acne, PMS, fatigue, weakness...
long term: anemia, depression, anxiety, insomnia, type 2 diabetes...

Some interesting stuff... Have you read any interesting books about sugar?
I'm excited about this detox. I'm feeling good and healthy. Plus I've been going to the gym every day since monday and already I can see a huge improvement! So much muscle. woop! Vx

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Sandy Halliday said...

Hi Valentina,

It's a great thing you are doing, detoxing sugar. But you should eat the whole egg. It's wrong to seperate the white from the yolk as it then no longer a whole food. Yolks are very nutritious especially if they are organic which they should be if you want true health.
I wish you well for the rest of your sugar detox.

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