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March 24, 2014


Sugar Detox 1
The other day I was browsing Bethesda's Barnes and Noble while I waited for my cousin to get off work. I was there in the late afternoon, some time after eating a huge and delicious frozen yogurt with fruit and nuts and caramel on top. The sugar high was atrocious. I had an awful stomach ache, felt terrible and tired, but my heart was racing... I looked up and on the top shelf I saw this book called 'The 21 day sugar detox' which was funny – perfect timing. 

I read some of it and answered the questions for 'Is this detox for you?' yes, yes, yes again... So I'm diving in. I am all in (though I'm still deciding if I want it to last 21 days).

I'm very skeptical about all the info I find on the internet so I don't want to simply copy a list of benefits, pros and cons for a sugar detox but I encourage you to search it, maybe even take a look at the book I perused. Obviously sugar is not great for us. I have been eating way too much sugar and carbs and extremely little protein. So for me, this makes sense! Today was my first day, I'll fill you in with the details tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening. Vx

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