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March 30, 2014


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So I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to take a break from blogging... While I've definitely slowed down, I guess I'm not really taking a break after all. And honestly, I do have a lot of exciting posts in mind, and some have pictures and everything, just no words. It's so hard to find the time and energy to sit down and write sometimes. But I do hope that once this semester is over, and it's summer, I'll be able to sit down and actually write more. Thanks for your patience! Here's another round of sunday links to explore. Enjoy. Vx

Homemade energy drinks
aloe vera is the bomb
what is your health problem? here is your food solution.
I try to remember to drink lemon water every morning. Soon it'll become a habit!
5 of the worst foods to eat. I rarely have any of them (good for me! progress) especially soda, it's not my thing. But I do like french fries from time to time. However I make them myself and bake them! They're so good that way.
Sugar Addiction - I'm really looking into doing a sugar detox...
More about sugar addiction. Wow Facts!


some amazing life lessons. Absolutely enjoyed reading this
Are you a new age hippie? I... am not.
Habits of the wealthy - interesting! 5am wake up, everybody! sure.
great beauty tips!

free workouts - yes please!
50 reasons to exercise
um... how does she do this!

Read about this spring equinox
New Local Milk blog post... go check it out.
Native Fox - looking good!


his little lady said...

Obsessing over the Native Fox blog! And I'm all for free work outs! Great links girl :)
xo TJ

Juliet Polilova said...

so nice and green)) love

very nice blog by the way :)

kisses from Russia,

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