March 22, 2014


Gabriela - Valentina Duracinsky
Tomorrow is the last day of spring break. I have been in Washington DC (well, Bethesda, really) for the past week visiting my cousin and their adorable baby Gabriela. I was meeting her for the first time and so excited about it. Indeed, I was not disappointed. She is very cute and calls me "tia" - aunt, though I'm not really her aunt, I like it. We did a lot of hanging around, eating out, facetime with our family in Colombia. I did some shopping in Georgetown (oh Madewell...), some sightseeing (all my pictures are on the disposable camera), and a lot of kissing this little cutie! We ate at some amazing places and I hope to have some recommendations up on the blog soon! Let me just say that if you visit Georgetown Cupcakes - first of all, the one in Bethesda doesn't have a long line, and definitely get the salted caramel. Holy jesus is it good! Vx

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