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April 21, 2014


Valentina D - Jittery's Valentina D - Northampton Valentina D - Aaron Valentina D - apple cider Valentina D - Iron Horse

Last time I posted a 'Bits & Pieces' post: october 2013. It's so interesting looking through those few pictures from october – a new love for drawing and watercolor, a Noodles menu, two boxes of clif bars, finally watching the ending of Breaking Bad... It take me back. I remember the feelings I had and the thoughts I hadn't had yet and the experiences that hadn't happened that would change me, even just a little. I was lonely, that comes to me like a big emotional wave of anti-nostalgia. But a little darkness is good for creativity and strength.

Valentina D - Dylan Valentina D - mike Valentina D - Joe's pizza Valentina D - coco Valentina D - music

These pictures reflect what has been going on this semester. A bigger focus on music: opening for Anais Mitchell, recording my first single with the guys, opening at the Iron Horse a second time in less than a year... then some random pictures: Northampton (I love this town), apple cider vinegar (I drink a tablespoon every day – thus, gag every day, and use it in my hair for shine), Joe's Pizza (Aaron finally took me there before recording one night. YUM!), coconut oil (I use it as moisturizer and lip balm. I'm slowly using up all other cosmetics and trying to go all natural). These pictures show you bits & pieces of my life lately... Enjoy your day! Vx


Anonymous said...

your blog has such a good feel to it. always lifts my mood / makes me think. thank you :) xo

thician iv said...

яблочный уксус,все хочу его попробовать! <3

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