April 13, 2014


[ due to some personal stuff, I forgot to post this last week! I am not doing the detox anymore, it wasn't long lasting but it's something I'd like to try again soon. Thus, here are last weeks thoughts! sorry for the delay ] 

Okay so here's the story. I go to college. I don't generally buy my own food because the dining halls feed me. Do I know what's in every dish they serve? I do not. Maybe there's sugar in this dressing, in this soup, in this [insert any other food here]... So I quickly had to make the sugar detox my own and slightly change the rules so that I could succeed. 

In the mornings, I'm still staying away from yogurt and pastries and, well, I've mainly had eggs every single day. Honestly, not a problem. I love scrambled eggs. I also stay away from breads and pastas so no bagels in the morning either. Let me think back... Yeah, I've had eggs pretty much every day, other than a couple days where I'd go for an apple when I wasn't too hungry and then some nuts. Oy, almonds are sweet. They're delicious. I hadn't really noticed that before. 

For lunch, I've been eating a lot of turkey with mustard, marinated tempeh (I discovered tempeh last week and I am wildly in love with it), tempeh burgers, salads. I've also been eating green apples like they're going out of style. I've had one or two every day since last Monday. Seriously, when it's the only sweet thing I get to eat... Well, green bananas, but those are harder to find. Those with peanut butter? YUM. 

For dinner, I'll make myself a big salad full of kale, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, edamame, chicken, or vegan cutlets, tempeh, and one of my favorite new things - butternut squash! Oh my lord, sweet sweet butternut squash. All that topped with fresh lemon juice, nutritional yeast and spirulina and a pinch of salt and pepper. Surprisingly, in only one week, the need for something sweet after dinner has decreased dramatically. I usually crave dessert after dinner and whether I'm full or not, I'll have something. Well, somehow I've been able to control these cravings incredibly well. Not just that, but I don't always even get such hard hitting sweet cravings. So it's not just about self control. 

I've decided to keep going with the sugar detox as I've been doing until April 4th. Then I'll do a week of occasional sugar-y things, at only one meal. Say I have pancakes Saturday morning, the rest of the day will be just like these past few days have been. One thing that has helped greatly is changing the way I think about the foods in front of me. Today I passed a huge chocolate cake, some brownies, some ice cream, the usual morning pancakes... It was all very tempting but I reminded myself that this is college food and it's not actually amazing. So I told myself to keep being healthy and then soon I'll go out and get a yummy pancake breakfast at Green Bean or Haymarket, where they are actually really good and there's real maple syrup. Not as a reward. I don't think it's great to think of food as a reward for anything - then you start to reward yourself for everything. Oh hey! You finished your paper, here's a chocolate. Good for you for getting up at 7am, here's a donut. Nope. This will be a great pancake with no guilt or reward attached to it. Just a "once in a while" thing. 

So those are some thoughts after one week of the sugar detox. If I can do it, so can you. If that's what you want. I think it's good and healthy, so I recommend it! Stay healthy, Vx

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