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April 15, 2014


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It is Tuesday and I woke at 6:45 this morning. I had a breakfast friend-date at The Green Bean. How I managed to find someone who would meet me at 7:15am to enjoy a slow, peaceful breakfast downtown, I do not know. But I am grateful. There is little more gratifying than waking up and starting the day early, and April is a damn good month for it. These days, I go to bed with the blinds up so the sun will wake me. On sunny mornings, I get the urge to go for 7am nature walks but I'm still recording "Billy" until 3am on the weekends and I just can't. I will get around to doing it. But today it rains. And it doesn't bother me – weather is such a funny thing to get down about. Some days a beautiful cerulean blue, some days a dull grey... I try to enjoy it all. It is this grey that seems to suck out all the fun and energy and life and makes us tired, querulous, even depressed... The best times are when the opposite happens. Today I felt like it kept all the energy inside the quiet breakfast joint. We talked and shared happily, energetically, while the rain hit the roads outside the open window. 7:30 in the morning is a damn good time to feel alive!

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I've gone to The Green Bean a handful of times, never alone, always in the best company. I don't think it's the cheapest place to go to for breakfast or brunch but it's always been worth it. Albeit I ordered a not-so-good buckwheat pancake one time instead of the regular buttermilk... No amount of maple syrup made it sweet enough to enjoy. Today, I ordered the "world famous" scrambled eggs. They came with vegan sausage, veggies and Vermont cheddar, with roasted red potatoes and a scone on the side. I wasn't expecting much from the side of potatoes and scone but everything was delicious and better than I could have imagined. The scone was small and fresh and sweet and I loved it with the almond gravy. Ever since Aaron introduced me to the almond gravy, I will never not get it when I go to The Green Bean. Kyle was my breakfast companion this morning. We've been in two classes together this semester and it is nothing less than tragic that we only started to hang out last night. I don't know if I've ever met someone with more passions – dance, sports, education, photography, fashion design, arts of all kinds... It is a pleasure to spend time with passionate people. Thinking back to this morning at The Green Bean and last night at Haymarket, I do realize that I talked a lot about food. I wonder if I do that a lot... As in, too much? Anyhow, if you find your way to Northampton, the Green Bean is a lovely little place to have a breakfast full of local ingredients. If it's on the weekend – no, it will definitely not be quiet and, yes, there probably will be a 20-40 minute wait. Rise early, go early, enjoy. Vx

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My recommendations
• World Famous scrambled eggs
• almond gravy (on anything and everything)
• the itty-bitty sandwich
• disco pots

The Green Bean, 241 Main Street, Northampton, MA 01060 • Open daily 7am-3pm


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