May 16, 2014


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This is another post in the "Health & Fitness" category. I don't write too much in it anymore. I don't know what I could really add these days seeing as I've made nothing but French pastries ever since I got back to Paris. Okay, I exaggerate. Okay, not really! yesterday I had sangria and ├ęclairs for dinner. I know – I am so healthy right now. I'm sure my body is loving it! 

Not so much here, but when I'm at Smith, I have a pretty bad snacking problem. I don't have the best relationship with Smith food. I don't know what happens but I always want to snack. So I needed a list. A list of things to do instead of mindlessly snacking. 

1. meditate
2. go for a walk (even a quick 5 minute walk can help with cravings!)
3. make a list of reasons why you want to lose weight (or stay healthy)
4. call a friend, call your mom...
5. check your to do list – bet it's long
6. take a nap or just lay down for aminute
7. brush your teeth (it helps, really!)
8. take a shower and give yourself a face mask 
9. look for fitness inspo on Pinterest
10. write in your journal (remind yourself why you want to lose weight)
11. turn on a fun Pandora station and dance! (i love the Merengue and Salsa ones)
12. give yourself a foot massage
13. thoroughly organize one room in your house (or one cluttered drawer)
14. declutter! go through your closet and get rid of 5 things 
15. drink a glass of water or tea
16. look at old pictures 
17. hand wash some clothes
18. wash your hands, even
19. write a letter to someone
20. go visit a friend
21. put your pictures in an album
22. volunteer
23. experiment with make up or put together outfits
24. study a foreign language
25. do a puzzle or play a board game
26. draw or paint
27. learn to play an instrument
28. read a book
29. remind yourself that you're bored, not actually hungry
30. read positive affirmations and tell yourself you are amazing! laugh it off


his little lady said...

Love this little list. And it's true, I have a bit of a snacking problem too! Guess I'll have to start doing some of these too.
xo TJ


Kamil─Ś said...

I really needed this list. I am a terrible snacker, just can't live without it and it drives me crazy! Sometimes my snacks have more calories than my main meals.. That's just terrible..
So this is truly helpful, I just need to remind myself to do all this stuff, or I should even write it down and hang it on my wall...


Priscilla Eliodoro said...

Great post, thanks for sharing!

Nico lowbudget-lowcost said...

Really a great post!

Slip-on, boyfriend jeans and..more on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

Alanna Taylor-Tobin said...

Thank you for posting this! I'm a chronic snacker. The tooth brushing and tea drinking really work for me - I love the other ideas, too. Ps. I really like your site, photos, and design! Where can I find your music?

Katie Albury said...

Ah what a great idea for a post...I'll have to come back to this list next time I think about heading to the cupboard!
Katie x

Anonymous said...

love this post - so practical. thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I'm bookmarking this to come back to the next time I find myself mindlessly eating! I have a major snacking problem, but these tips should help :)
Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

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