May 19, 2014


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On Friday, my friend Kady and I went out for a walk in Paris. We got off at Saint Lazare so I could finally get my Navigo weekly pass.Then we went into Galerie LaFayette. Kady just wanted to find the bathroom so that was the closest place, but man were we glad we went in because on the second floor they have all these food stations – I had no idea! They had three or four different patisseries there! I recognized the names from places I wanted to try and the minute we saw those macarons... well, we just had to do a "dégustation de macarons!" So here are the three patisseries we tried and my thoughts...


1. Jean-Paul Hévin

First off, we saw the Jean-Paul Hévin station and all the pretty macarons. Above are the two macarons we chose. I got vanilla and Kady got cassis-basilic. While you may wonder (or not at all) why I got a "boring" flavor compared to Kady's, well, let me tell you. Pierre Hermé (whose flavors change all the time, I don't quite know their schedule) has the most amazing vanilla macaron in the entire world. If I were on my deathbed, I would request the "infiniment vanille" macaron from Pierre Hermé. It is my absolute favorite. I haven't gone back to Pierre Hermé since January but I was told they wouldn't have the vanilla flavor at this time, so I'm looking for any other patisseries with a similar looking/tasting vanilla macaron. Well this Jean-Paul Hévin was pretty darn good as well! The inside was creamier and not as dense, and it didn't melt in your mouth like Pierre Hermé but it was amazing nonetheless. Now for Kady's... oh, wow. Here is a picture of what it looked like on its side (much more interesting). It was really good and so interesting. And I don't mean the kind of "interesting" you say when something is bad but you're afraid to hurt the person's feelings. No, Mr. Hévin, your macarons were absolutely delicious. I recommend them. Next time I'd like to try the crème brulée flavor, the chocolate flavor and the coffee flavor. I've read this is also a good place to get chocolate. 


2. Dalloyau

Right in front of Jean-Paul Hévin was Dalloyau. I definitely hadn't read anything about them but we saw some pretty damn interesting macarons. I got the cognac/champagne macaron and Kady got the thé Bergamote. We loved the cognac/champagne macaron. It was very flavorful and just so delicious! The macarons at Dalloyau are a lot chewier but still good. The Thé Bergamote was also good but just very simple and a bit too sweet and sugary without the intense flavors we were looking for. I'd like to try their other flavors to see if they all have the chewy texture and if maybe the other flavors are more intense than the Bergamot one. 

Here we couldn't resist all the different flavors. It's official: this is one of my new favorite patisseries. Sadaharu Aoki is a Japanese patissier who has made it in the French pastry world big time – and it's obvious why. His macarons were perfect; everything you could possibly want in a macaron. There are loads of strange flavors and I wanted to try them all but we stuck to matcha, yuzu, black sesame and wasabi. I would never had tried the wasabi but Kady asked for it so I went along... it ended up being one of our favorites! Then again, I'm not sure we were able to pick a definite favorite. They were all so good. I'm not big into fruity flavors in macarons but the citrus yuzu macaron was to die for. So much better than any other lemon macaron I've tried. I cannot recommend these macarons enough! 



Monet said...

Your blog is beautiful. What a treasure to find. My parents are in Paris right now...I hope the bring me home a few of these macarons.

Michèle Kruesi said...

yum yum, looking tasty

Kamilė said...

I somehow managed not to try macarons so far. I don't know how? I always wanted to, so now I just have to!

Vera said...

Beautiful photos!

Vera Sawicki Blog

Allison Weeks said...

Mmm those look so good! <3

Sweet Madame Blue

Monica Worth said...

i'm pretty sure I'm the only one whose never tried one of these before. lol

come check me out!
mon |

Emilie said...

Oh miam those look good!

Mihaela said...

Great, I love this! I have a giveaway on my blog, if you're interested:)


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