May 6, 2014


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Let's get right to it – I love this place. I love this place so much that before my mother left in October, she got me a Haymarket gift card. I've used it a lot, but not so much lately because I don't like how the numbers keep going down, quickly, quickly, until soon there will be nothing left. Ridiculous, I know. After all, that is the point of a gift card. 

I don't remember the first time I went into Haymarket cafĂ© but I'm going to guess it was just for coffee. I used to do that a lot more. Just get coffee. Now I like to go downtown and try new things, interesting things. When I go into Haymarket, it's more often than not for their juice cocktails. That's because the smoothies and juice cocktails are downright delicious. Some are very strong if you're into that (ahem, Lucky's Immune Boost)... I still haven't tried every single one yet but it's on my bucket list! 

I've gone a good handful of times for dinner, each time getting one of two things – the beet & goat cheese salad, or the peanut noodles. I should be more adventurous. I actually got the quiche once, that was good too. I went there for breakfast once but had a stomach ache and could only go for fruit and yogurt. I'm not sure what their breakfast menu is like. I was a little put off by the overly expensive eggs, and the $1 extra just for herbs... While their prices have gone up a little, they are still relatively low, and I still love their food. I recommend going for dinner or for an afternoon coffee/juice. 

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My recommendations
• roasted beet & goat cheese salad (see iphone pic below) - my favorite!
• 7-day smoothie & spanking smoothie
• soup of the day (get a small side – it's still huge so you'll have leftovers)
• soba noodles with peanut sauce (see iphone pic below)
• pastries (I don't think you can go wrong with any)

Next to try on my list
• goat cheese and tapenade sandwich
• tempeh tacos
• linguini w/ spinach, red peppers in lemon cream sauce

Address: 185 Main Street, Northampton MA 01060 • open every day from 7/8am to 10/11pm

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Zozobra said...

Looks so delicious! I love reading about people's favorite local picks, even if I may never have the chance to visit them. I love your blog! xx

The What's In Between

Mihaela said...

ooh looks amazing! you have such a great blog!


Jeanne said...

Very nice and yummy pictures!

Kriti Jaitly said...

hi,just came across your blog,,you have a great blog!
will you like to follow each other??
do let me know on my blog,,i will definitely follow you back
stay in touch

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