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May 11, 2014


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I slept four hours last night. Alas, jetlag, we meet again... reluctantly on my part. Yesterday was a great day in Paris. My dad and I had a quiet breakfast made by yours truly here, then walked around the Marais and bought pastries. We went to Foundation Café for an allongé (pour moi) and a noisette (pour dad). The guy there was really nice and helpful. We stopped at G. Detou to get some cooking supplies and once again left with a pound of dried mango. Yup. Also, funny story – I brought goji berries from the States thinking France wouldn't know what they were yet (they're usually behind). My dad absolutely loves them... and so does France. We've seen them in two completely different stores two days in a row. So we also got a pound of those because my dad inhales them by the handful.

You may have noticed the changes on the blog. Since I got up at six with nothing to do, what better than to finally give the blog a much needed make over? I've added a list of "Current Features" on the left sidebar, as well as some static pages at the top: Recipes, My Guide to Paris, and Travel by Country. I'm still working on them but I'm so happy with the new stuff so far! What a pathetic looking recipe index. Don't worry. Much more to come soon. 

Also, happy mother's day to my beautiful mami! Te quiero mucho. 

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Kelly-Louise Gimber said...

Lovely post! I am craving a croissant now! :)

Could you check out my blog and follow it on bloglovin? I will follow back!
I have a new post everyday!

Stay fancy!
xxx Kelly-Louise

Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

Fluffy, flakey croissants are everything! You just MADE my Sunday morning with these images...perfection!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Kamilė said...

These pictures are so nice! I just want to eat them all haha.
And you really got me thinking about fast/slow eating. "Slow" food is actually the best name for the good, non fast food.


Rebekka Geldbart said...

Can't wait to check out these links! Thanks for sharing... Will have to try the Goji berries!

xo, Bekka
Palm and Peachtree, A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog
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at / least said...

Beautiful inspirations!


Bárbara R. Portela said...

Lovely post!!!
Kisses :)

Annette said...

The pictures are so beautiful!! Yum

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