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May 25, 2014


Sunday Links - Flowers
Tomorrow I will have another Cooking in Paris post up on the blog – I didn't find the time to write the whole thing this week! I finally got a weekly pass Navigo on Monday. It's amazing. I've been going out every single day and taking the metro and bus a lot. The metro is 1,70€ so I was always being so careful and always felt like I needed to make sure I knew what I was doing and where I was going. Now I can just hop on the métro at any station, even just for a short ride. Still walking loads, though. Yesterday was the start of Beer Week (it's on my last post) and it was a lot of fun. More on that later... 

Body & Soul

Interesting & Funny

  • FRIENDS is my favorite series ever...
  • This makes me so mad. 
  • This is a lovely read by Zosia Mamet
  • Older article about cast of FRIENDS. Makes my blood boil. Excuse me, "grey, fat, no job, forgettable roles, struggling..." Of course they have changed, the are twenty years older. And they are still beautiful people. Struggling? They each have more money that that shit writer will ever have.
  • I would like to go here!


Kamilė said...

These are great! I especially liked the friends' pictures


Reelika J said...

I was truly amazed at the article by Zosia Mamet. It was really a lovely read!

Take care!

Mary Andrikus said...

I'm actually going to Bali this summer! :) (connects to the "I would like to go here")

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