June 6, 2014


1. Sit down to eat. 
I never thought this was that important but it truly is. Slow down. Never eat at the fridge with the door open (like I do too often). Sit down and enjoy your food.

2. No distractions
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that if I watched less TV shows, I would be skinnier. In all honesty, I feel hunger 50, maybe 60% of the time I actually eat. So a lot of the time, I'm just eating out of habit or gluttony or laziness... No distractions, be aware!

3. It's going to be there later
My problem is probably something psychological. It's like I have some kind of fear that if I don't eat something right now – right now, this instant – it won't be there later. If you have the same problem (or if you're just realizing you do) then before you head to the fridge or before you finish your plate, just take a second to remind yourself that you're full and you can finish it later 'cause, yeah, it'll still be there.

4. Less is more
We eat too quickly, especially when we are very hungry. It takes some time to realize we are full. Eat slowly and remember that less is more. If you sit down to devour a huge cake, the first bite will be bliss, the second, third, fourth will be pretty good... but then, it doesn't really taste as good as the first bite, huh. Have you noticed that? Take time to notice. We usually overeat because we think we are more hungry than we actually are, and because we are not eating mindfully. Less really is more and leaving the table wanting more is better than leaving the table feeling so full the thought of food disgusts you.

5. Take control and be aware
Take control of your mind and body. Is there a part of you telling you that it's too good to stop and that you can't stop? that you might as well eat it 'cause it's right there? that you'll never be able to lose the weight anyway? Realize that you can stop and have the ability to move your arms and hands and fingers and put it away. You can just walk away!


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and all that you write and share with us, but (only in my opinion, of course)the way you say some things promotes an unhealthy lifestyle that I'm sure you're not aware of. I appreciate your fitness posts, but you seem to focus much more on being "skinnier" than being healthy. You use this word a lot in your fitness posts. Your readers might get the wrong idea. Being skinny does not automatically mean that you're healthy, and vise versa (which I'm sure you already know. My intention is not to offend. Just something to think about!

michal said...

I totally agree with the anon comment. I wrote u this before( i dont know if u actually read the comments but anyway) sometimes it sound like you have a disordered eating thoughts and this really make me sad!! take care mate and dont be so harsh on yo self

KamilÄ— said...

I love your posts! They are so helpful and get me motivated again when I start to lack motivation.


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