June 18, 2014


dara's camera - dublin
I got home from Dublin past midnight last night and went to bed right away. Exhausted. Today I woke up with one thought in mind. I need to refocus. I've been on this endless path towards a minimalistic lifestyle for ages. My first step last year was to grab a few small bags and put in really old clothes to give away... then I grabbed a huge bag and put in all the clothes I wanted to sell. It made me feel better to sell the clothes. That was a year ago. I've sold a few dresses at a brocante in Paris but the truth is I'm really bad at the whole thing and I definitely don't know where to start as far as selling clothes online goes. So after a year of having a pile of nice clothes to sell, I finally took some of that out as well and am ready to donate them. I don't really care about the money anymore. I care about being happy and what will make me happy is to have less

My goal is to be able to access most possessions easily. I don't want things in boxes in the back of the closet or under the bed. I don't want to forget I own things and not be able to find things because there are just so. many. things. Everything should have a place and everything should be useful. It's not easy but I've made huge progress today. 

I travel loads. I travel maybe a week or two at a time and always take enough clothes. And I never find myself missing any of my possessions at home. So why do I need it all? Why do I have it if it's so easy to just leave it and walk away? 

Here are some articles I've found helpful:

And please! If you have any advice or any thoughts, leave a comment and I will most definitely read them because I will take any help I can get. This is making me happy.


Arden said...

Good for you, but keep it up! Minimal is good, for the most part. But as long as you're happy :) xx


Anonymous said...

Great post!

Alice Cerea said...


My NEW outfit is online, what do u think about?

Kisses from Italy

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