June 21, 2014


Once again I apologize for the mix of good camera photos and really ugly iphone photos. I mean, the Atelier de l'Éclair photos that follow are so unappetizing, you're going to have to trust me. However, what really matters here tonight are the pastries. If you are on your way to Paris, you will want, nay, need to visit some of these places and get what I tried, because oh my god. 

Sadaharu Aoki Sadaharu Aoki 2 Sadaharu Aoki 3 Sadaharu Aoki 4 Sadaharu Aoki 5 Sadaharu Aoki

matcha almond croissant – If you're coming to Paris, you're probably going to be getting some croissants... and you definitely should (not just anywhere though). Sure I like croissants but I think the ones with the almond paste inside are so much yummier (if they're not too sweet). This is the best croissant I have ever had. Obviously it's not your regular croissant. But it is so worth it. Get it. 

Symphonie – I rarely get this kind of pastry. I'm more of a classic éclair/macaron/milleufeuille kind of girl. This was pretty good and definitely interesting. It had some nice flavors but it was a tad too sweet and I'm glad I split it with Kady because I would have been on a ridiculous sugar high had I not. 

Eclair Atelier 1 Eclair Atelier 2 L'atelier de l'éclair

Oh god. These pictures are awful, I'm so sorry. But the éclairs themselves are to die for. Especially the vanilla and the caramel au beurre salé. If you go to l'atelier de l'éclair and only want to get one: caramel au beurre salé all the way. Seriously delicious! They also have savory éclair style sandwiches which I haven't tried. I guess if it's lunch time and you're hungry, why not? 

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Girl in the Houndstooth Coat said...

Wow, those look so tasty! Oh, I loved Paris!

Xx from the Girl in the Houndstooth Coat

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