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June 15, 2014


Paris is lovely and all, but 85% of the coffee here sucks. Café allongé is what I'll get if I'm at the usual french café but give me the option, and I will choose a latte, a flat white or, well yeah, just a regular black coffee at one of these lovely places. Now, all of a sudden, all these wonderful little cafés are appearing out of nowhere. For some reason, most of them are in the Marais, but not all. My dad and I are really into coffee, good coffee, so whenever we go out for a walk, we look up cafés in the area. Here are three places we've been to and will definitely visit again. (Apologies for the iphone pictures)

Holybelly (10e arrondissement)
Fondation cafe (3e arrondissement)
Loustic (3e arrondissement)

Holybelly 1 Holybelly 2 Holybelly 3 Holybelly 4


Owned by a friend of a friend, this café is really pretty. The lights and decoration remind me a bit of The Fumbally but they definitely have their own vibe. I've read that their food is amazing (here is their menu) but so far I've only ever had their coffee which I can see is made with love and passion by Nico! I've been wanting to go back. Soon, soon...



I have to be honest, I only went once and it was six months ago so I'm having a hard time remembering this place. However it has rave reviews and the café itself had a nice feel to it. Once again, I've only tried their coffee so I cannot tell you about their food but the coffee was good. I had the filter kind. 

Fondation cafe 1 Fondation cafe 2 Fondation cafe 3 Fondation Café

Last but not least, Fondation Café. The place was TINY but the coffee was great and the guys who worked there were very nice. And I think the one guy was French. I know I've lived here for 10 years but I still get surprised when French guys are that nice. It reminds of that David Sedaris piece where he keeps going to this one shop in Paris because the owners are so nice to him, and he'll buy stuff he doesn't need just to go back. I got that feeling with this place. I think by now you're expecting this: no, I didn't try their food... but I really liked looking at it. 

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