WORN IN PARIS // 02 | Valentina Duracinsky: WORN IN PARIS // 02

June 13, 2014


parisian style 2 // 1 parisian style 2 // 2 parisian style 2 // 3 parisian style 2 // 4 parisian style 2 // 5
coat: Mango • jeans: AE • bag: Madewell • jeans & boots: not sure

Anyone else love Marc Maron? I've been listening to his podcast for over four years and now I'm so happy he has his own show on IFC. A lot of time when I'm feeling down, I remind myself that Marc Maron is out there, living his life with remarkably similar problems to my own, and if he can do it, well, so can I. Thanks Marc. 

Also loving on Madewell: 

Also loving on Mango:

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