July 5, 2014


Chez Libanais Paris 1

Another place in the VIe arrondissement... I admit, I probably use "Odeon" more than any other metro stop in Paris. There's so much to do and to see and to drink and to eat around there!! My friend Nikki who used to work at The Moose as well told me about this place. Let's be honest, whenever I go to a lebanese restaurant I order a shawarma viande with extra cornichons et sauce taratore to go. Always. It's one of my favorite things to eat ever. There are two places I go to the most in Paris. The other was close to my high school. I was hoping to become a regular so they would greet me the way regulars are greeted. I love the idea of being a regular some place... But then high school ended and I had little reason to walk around the area anymore. Chez le Libanais is small and there's usually a line but it's worth the wait. Decent prices and delicious shawarma. I'll go anytime, lunch or dinner; some people think it's the perfect place to go to late at night after one too many drinks. Whatever works for you... Highly recommend it. Above you can see that they were nice enough to give me extra taratore sauce in a cup! Also please enjoy this adorable picture of Kady enjoying her lunch from Chez le Libanais. Vx

Chez le Libanais • 35 rue Saint-André des Arts, 75006 Paris

Chez Libanais Paris

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