July 23, 2014


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You guessed it – iphone pictures. I keep doing that for reviews, I have to stop. I have a camera, a good one, damn it. I've started to say 'damn' a lot more. Blame Hemingway. I bet he said 'damn' a lot. I'm obsessed. I just finished Farewell to Arms and I'm confusing real wars with episodes in the book. The way he writes makes me feel like I'm right there with his characters; I see everything so clearly. His characters weren't as lovable in this one though. Caroline was especially annoying. 

And that all relates to Rosa Kiwi Frozen Yogurt in no way whatsoever. 

If you're in Paris – which I hope you are, were, or one day will be – during the summer, well, it can get really hot. Especially august. God damn, the month of august is a nightmare (and also the month I will be back in Paris). When it's that hot, all you want is something nice and cold. Or to jump into a big tub of ice. Maybe that's just me. When it's that hot, it's also almost impossible to eat a normal meal. Feeling full and stuffy in hot weather is possibly the worst feeling ever. And also why statistics show you lose more weight in the summer. Well, I did. So if you want to trust my one-person sample, then yeah, 100% guaranteed results. All you want in the summer is something small and refreshing. Ice-cream is pretty great but nothing beats frozen yogurt (I'm in Colombia and I've already gone to three different frozen yogurt places. I'm so damn happy frozen yogurt is taking over the world.) Rosa Kiwi is on rue Mouffetard in Paris which I'm told is a very popular street but I don't spend any time around there (maybe I should start using stops other than just my regular Odéon, Anvers and Hotel de Ville). My friend Rozena took me to Rosa Kiwi. I told her all I wanted that day was frozen yogurt and she said she knew just the place. 

Indeed, Rosa Kiwi was the right place to take me. It's self served (which I love) and they have quite a few flavors to try and a whole array of toppings. It was delicious and refreshing and I was left wanting more. They've obviously put a lot of thought and effort into the decoration and presentation so that people will want to sit and stay for a bit. Like everything in Paris, it was slightly on the expensive side of things. Most self-serve places use the same trick where they only offer gigantic cups so you fill it up (damn mind tricks). And I did. Mine was around 6.50 euros, which is about 8.70 dollars. Before you spit out your coffee, let me offer my opinion. We all know Paris is an expensive city. If you convert everything into dollars, you'll leave bitter from the guilt of spending what you perceive to be too much. But a normal price in Paris will usually be slightly more than a normal price... in any other goddamn place, really. It's fucking Paris. But Paris is amazing and you don't want to miss out on the fun and the excellent things it has to offer! Who eats frozen yogurt every day? No one (I would hope). So it's a treat. And I don't think you should put a price on most treats. Rosa Kiwi – go for a lovely, frozen, delicious treat! (maybe don't fall for the gigantic cup trick)


Marissa Jamie said...

This shop looks adorable :)
Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

Hanna Lei said...

Looks like fun -Hanna Lei

Ago Prime said...

cute post!!

Nicole Aguinaldo said...

Looks like such a lovely place! I love a good yogurt especially on hot days :) you look really pretty in your outfit too!! :)


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