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July 3, 2014


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The other night my dad and I went to Semilla, a restaurant that my friend Rozena told me about many moons ago. I'd been wanting to go for the longest time. The reviews are good and the prices are pretty high. We don't tend to go to very fancy places but damn it, I really wanted to try this one! 

As a starter I ordered the pollock ceviche and my dad ordered the feta salad. Both were really good. The portions are small though, so be warned. This is not America. Then I got the half portion of lamb and my dad went for the half portion of red tuna. Red wine for me, white wine for him. I wasn't sure which wine I wanted and the waiter was very nice and came with two choices and had me try them and choose which one I wanted! Also, it's pretty cool that you can order half portions. I never would have been able to order dessert had I gotten the full portion of lamb. My dad didn't order dessert but I sure did. The choux with a caramel au beurre salĂ© center and a light and creamy chantilly. So good! 

Now comes the incredible part. A table of three American ladies and their two young girls were at the table next to us. They enjoyed three bottles of wine, many side dishes and many desserts. They were loud and having fun. Good for them! What a fun night it must have been. At the end, one of the ladies turned to me with the wine and said "I saw you were drinking red. We can't finish this! Would you like another glass?" I was stunned by the unusual offer but who was I to refuse. It was a good bottle of wine too. We joked around with them a bit, especially when the bill for 390 euros came and we said "uuuuuuuh, waiter, I think you gave us their bill!" Laughter, laughter. He was very kind and came back with our 80 euro bill. Pretty darn expensive but again, not something we do every day. Especially seeing as last time we went out for dinner we ate beef shawarma and those are 5 euro each (and heavenly). But you gotta follow Tom and Dona's advice sometimes and treat yo self. We got up to pay but the waiter said "No, no, it's taken care of." More confused faces. "What do you mean?" "The ladies next to you are buying you dinner tonight." He'd already accepted the card and put it through and we stood there. I was smiling like a crazy person because that's one of the craziest and nicest things to ever happen! I don't think I'll forget that. It's insane. And amazing. What a night. If you're in Paris, Semilla is a good place to try for a nice evening. I think it can be casual, family friendly and romantic. Whatever you want it to be. Vx

Semilla • 54 rue de Seine, 75006 Paris 

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Ago Prime said...

i love all. beautiful shots.

Anonymous said...

this is so nice :)

Jodi H said...

Oh that food looks beyond delicious. As one of those loud Americans we do love to eat and socialize!

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