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August 22, 2014


Paris 1 paris 2 paris 3 paris 4 paris 5

A mix of pretty camera pictures – eh – and iphone pictures. I spent a lot of time one evening last week writing blog posts and scheduling posts, all in my gmail calendar. I felt really good about it. What a professional, I thought. This week I've been super busy with work at the Moose and some south african dreaming, and I didn't realize that I hadn't written any of the scheduled posts for this week. So nothing was about to magically appear every day like I thought, aaaand now I feel like an idiot. But it's fine. So here is what was supposed to be Tuesday's post... 

paris 6 paris 7 paris 8

Paris has been great to me this summer. Other than the constant craving for pastries (which I haven't been craving this week hallelujah! but will it last...? dun dun dun), the weather has been pretty spectacular. A bit of rain, even a need for a sweater or light jacket, but none of that unpalatable heat that keeps me in the apartment all day. I've even made new friends and it's all good. 
Working at the Moose has been so much fun. Above you can see a really sucky picture of an Apérol, which I drank one day all by myself at the Moose. Well, Eric was there. He made it. What I mean is, the Moose is my special place. Someone I know will always be there working. I walk around the area a lot anyway; if I'm tired, or thirsty, I go in. It's a nice place. Where everybody knows my name. They play rugby and other sports on all the TVs but you can just tune it out, like I do. And that ends the promotion for the Moose portion of this blog post! That'll be one trillion dollars, the Moose... Or a gin & tonic... a high five?

paris 9 paris 10 IMG_3744

In conclusion, Paris is pretty cool. Worth a visit, you know, if you're bored or something.

PS. Bit shout out to Rozena (super serious girl taking a picture of a wall in picture 2) for being so freaking great. Even though she didn't realize I was dying after taking a shot Wednesday night. I'm alive so we're cool. 


Victoriya Todorova said...

Great pictures!


Kárin Styles said...

Beautiful pictures and great blog!

Come visit my blog!

Debbie said...

Cool photos! Love Paris!

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