August 6, 2014


Meert Meert 4 Meert 2 Meert 3


16, rue Elzevir 75003 Paris

waffle – What a beautiful little shop! Meert started in 1761 in Lille but I think it's safe to say we're all happy they came to Paris. I've only tried the waffle so there's not much I can speak about other than that. I want to go back and try other stuff but... there is SO much to try in Paris! It's really hard to do everything I want to do.. but that's another issue. More about Meert. I asked what they sold most and the man didn't even hesitate: the waffle. So that's what I got and I have to say it was a very nice and light little treat. Sweet but good. I ate it at home but I could definitely imagine sharing one with a friend while laying in the grass in Place des Vosges... 

Sadaharu Maquillage

 Sadaharu Aoki

bonbon maquillage – So, as much as I loved the almond matcha croissant and all the delicious – and I mean deliiiicious – macarons, the chocolate 'bonbon maquillage' wasn't quite worth it. As a lover of matcha green tea, that's the flavor I ordered. I just wanted one to try it. That's what foodies do, yes? Try new things. Sometimes you find things you love, sometimes you don't. This was pretty much just a piece of chocolate with a faint hint of matcha... or something. To be honest, sometimes I wonder if we should wonder with expensive chocolate. One of my favorite chocolates is a white vanilla bar from the freaking Casino brand (which is strange because I usually eat dark chocolate). And Lindt. Decent price, pretty delicious chocolate. Was a tiny 1 euro piece a thousand times better? nope. If you go to Sadahary Aoki, stick with the macarons. Let me try out some more pastries and tell you what I think! 

Schou Schou Schou SchouBoulangerie Schou

96 rue de la Faisanderie, 75016 Paris

croissants – this place won some kind of award for their plain croissant. I'm definitely no croissant connoisseur but Kady and I split that croissant and thought it was a really good one! It's the one in the first pictures. As you can see, I was dressed up that day. We also got two other croissants. I tried almond croissant and I believe Kady's had a bit of raspberry flavor or something. She liked hers but I think she said there wasn't much of a taste, or it was a bit sweet. All I remember was that mine was way, way too sweet. I finished it because I used to just eat anything and I'm stupid but now that I'm eating better quality food, I can say I've tasted better. I think the trick to a good almond croissant is for it to be fluffy, moist and not too sweet. Verdict: The plain croissant was very good!

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Joana said...

These treats look amazing. Paris is such a ridiculously beautiful city, it's hard to decide where to go because there's just so much to do.

Joana x

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