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August 25, 2014


eclairs 1 eclairs 2 eclairs 3 eclairs 4

Those are the éclairs (and choux) I made. They have a... rustic look. In taste, I must say, they were really delicious. I mean, better than some éclairs I have bought! The flavors? Salted caramel, matcha, vanilla, chocolate, and coffee. Appetizing, eh? A lot of time has passed since I made these, and I have decided I won't share the recipe quite yet. I would like to make them a few more times (but not in the near future, I'm trying to be healthy) and really master the whole art of making éclairs. For now, here are the pictures of the ones that turned out well! Thanks for visiting the blog. I hope you've enjoyed the recipes I've shared so far! Vx

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