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August 7, 2014


Plum Gin & Tonic 1 Plum Gin & Tonic 2

Plum Gin & Tonic

2.5 oz plum juice
4 oz gin
2 oz lemon juice
4-6 oz tonic water

I invited some of my best friends over this week for a dinner, a special dinner... I planned out the whole menu with the different flavors in mind. Several "main" flavors made appearances in every single course, and some were present in a couple. I love gin & tonics. I thought I didn't like gin for the longest time and then suddenly last year I started to drink gin & tonics – man! so delicious. I wanted my drinks to also "announce" the flavors to come. There was plum in the dessert I made so I started the evening with a little twist on the classic gin & tonic. It turned out delicious. I saved some of the juice from all the plums I cut up and it added a little sweetness to the drink, but nothing overpowering. 
I've never seen gin & tonics with sugar around the glass but I knew one of my friends was a bit reluctant to try the 'bitter' gin & tonic and I wanted something to cut the bitterness a bit. She drank the whole thing! 


Yelle said...

i love making cocktails with gin, it's so versatile! i will have to try this this summer, the plum sounds delicious!

Eden Simpson said...

Now that looks like a G&T I might enjoy! x

Nathan Moy said...

Yum, this drink already looks sooooo good!!!! <3 So glad I clicked on your comment on KARLA'S CLOSET's blog and got led back here to yours. It's seriously full of GREAT info and juicy pics here! Just followed you on GFC and bloglovin', be sure to see more of you soon. By the way, please do check out and comment on my newest and MOST provocative summer outfit to date! I guarantee! Featuring HERMES wrist bandanas, plus Chanel SS14 pearl gloves, SOPHIA WEBSTER clutch, and ALEXANDER WANG runway mid-heels, if you're into that sort of 'thang'. Hope you enjoy the humorous writing too! #PROVOKED

xx The Provoker

Adrianna said...

Look delicious, I'm going to have to try it! xx

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