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September 23, 2014


Valentina Cartagena

I like to call this a "high-end demo" of 'Billy'. There are so many versions of this song I could make... If you've been following for a while, you might remember my, eh... "deep, dark thoughts" about the whole process back in April. It was a hard process. Aaron sent me a finished version in May and it took me until August to be able to upload it on SoundCloud and share it with the world. I kept putting it off. Self doubt, all that fun stuff. 

I remember saying I'd have an EP out by the end of 2014... HA! But I have accomplished quite a few things, nonetheless. Yes, I've put out a single. And I opened at the Iron Horse twice last year which is huge. Even better, I opened for Anais Mitchell when she came to Smith – now,
that, I still only half believe happened.

Because I'm graduating in December, I keep getting that same damn question "What are you going to do after college?" (which is just as hard as answering the "where are you from?" question. I don't know. Paris, but also Colombia, oh and I'm American... it makes sense, I swear.) I want to say that I'll focus on music. But the whole publicity/sell-yourself part doesn't appeal to me and that's huge. I want to write at my own speed, work with people I admire and trust. Maybe I'm a bit selfish with it. It is
my music, written because I have to, not because anyone is telling me to. I had an awful time explaining myself to my family not long ago. In the end, I came off as not being serious about music. Money ruins it but also fuels it. I don't mind having a job on the side as long as what I create is honest. I absolutely will work hard for it but I would feel insincere trying to shove my music down people's throats. It should grow organically, too. 

Those are my half formed thoughts for the night. Here is 'Billy' again. I like Billy, he's very special (in my crazy imaginary world). Please feel free to share it (that is, after all, how this grows) and join the party that is my (never updated) Facebook page

--- Billy ---

Billy was quiet; he was never bold

He welcomed the subtle signs of growing old

He traded being a son to feel like a star
Then poured all his battles and fears into one guitar
He was who he was and he wore it well
Oh Billy, the fights you’ve been fighting will be finished in hell
When she died, Billy cried a thousand tears
She left him in the spring, then he left for another year
He was a pilgrim and a happy traveler
He was a pilgrim and a happy traveler

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Keep following your heart.
And that's a beautiful song!

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