September 27, 2014


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I've definitely talked about Candelaria. I even wrote a whole post about how much I love that place (here). I think I went back once this summer, but I wanted to go back in August and absolutely forgot to. Good thing I'll be moving back to Paris in January. They've made changes, and the tacos have gotten a bit more expensive (still not that expensive though!) but I still love it. I go even though I hate the idea of getting there when there is a crowd. It's SO worth it. Oh, and look, that's my name on hot sauce. I'm so hot (I'm actually pretty mild, but delicious). 

Fuxia 1 Fuxia 2


I recently wrote a review for this restaurant. I usually think about how long a person is staying in Paris, and where I would want to take them. If you're staying in Paris for less than a week, maybe the ideal thing is to stick with everything French - French pastries in the morning, street crepes for lunch, French restaurants for dinner drinking French wine... but if there's no rush, if we're just going for a nice, simple yet really good lunch and you'll be around for a while, I might say "Hey let's go to Fuxia." The style is Italian and I've never been disappointed. 



Kady enjoying falafel from Maoz. Yo, these exist in the US too. Not expensive, and very yummy. I don't have much to say about it. I like that you can add your own ingredients (I like control over my food, thanks) and even though I, myself, only get these maybe once a year (too many places to try, I can't repeat that often) it's always a nice backup plan if anything ;) 

Cafeotheque 2 Cafeotheque

La Caféothèque 

Oh, those few days it was actually hot in August... I went out with my dad one sunny Sunday. I was in a crappy mood (I know it happens often. There's not much to do when that happens, though) and didn't feel like talking or doing much. I had a book, and my journal and we sat in la Cafeotheque and ordered two iced coffees. My dad didn't quite enjoy his because he doesn't drink black coffee and adding sugar to iced black coffee is not great. It annoyed me that he didn't get the iced latte but I guess you're never too old to make mistakes. It also annoyed me that he forgot his book so I felt guilty about reading while he did nothing on his iphone. But I did it anyway. I definitely want to go back. Their shop is very interesting, they have tons of things to try, and their pastries looked quite delicious! 


(The Fumbally – this is in Ireland but I wanted to post this amazing latte anyway... I love and miss you, the Fumbally... so so much!)

And that officially ends the posts about Paris for the next three months!! Until I move back to Paris in January, my blog posts will be about life in Northampton, MA, or travels and restaurants around the US, and mostly about my last semester at Smith College.

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