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October 30, 2014


peach banana mango coconut bread
Averie cooks amazing things: Peach Mango Coconut Banana bread
...YES PLEASE! Check out Averie Cooks blog here

oh wait, I never eat bread.
Weeeell, it depends.

It's true, most of the time, I actually stay away from bread. Not 100% intentionally. It's just the way I eat. I rarely eat sandwiches – salads are my thing. If I eat bread, I want it to be good bread. Like Hungry Ghost deliciousness. The other day, my family and I had a sort of picnic in the sunroom. We ate stilton and 4 year cheddar cheese with Hungry Ghost 8-grain bread and amazing fig jam. Kady brought gooseberry jam, too. That went well with the slices of turkey. As much as I love cheese on bread, my other favorite way to eat bread is very simple: quality butter and rosemary. Oh my goodness, it is the best. I found a bunch of recipes for breads – some sweet, like banana bread (yum) – and would like you to check these babies out. Some food bloggers out there, man, they take mouth watering pictures. I need to stop going on their blogs as often as I do. 


walnut bread. Remind me why we all buy bread instead of make it at home?

This looks good. I've always been a fan of good, dense, moist banana nut bread

but if you're vegan (or not) this is the banana bread for you! (and me. not vegan, whatever)

orange blossom zucchini bread! whattt

I really want this bread to change my life too. It looks divine

French bread! Say no more. Let's make it

earl grey honey whiskey cake (bread) she put it in the 'bread' category, so there

seeded whole grain breakfast bread – now THIS you need to make!

this pear cranberry walnut bread sounds healthy, almost

Smitten Kitchen's black bread

1 comment:

Charlie D said...

I will have to give this banana bread a try, thank you for this posts, all these recipe seem really yummy !
I don't eat much bread anymore as I'm vegan leaning raw eater nowadays, but it's so hard living in France !
It's so tempting to go buy a baguette when you have three boulangerie just in your street hahaha

Charlie xx

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