October 20, 2014


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How Music Works by David Byrne

Over the summer, I finally got my hands on How Music Works by the master himself, David Byrne. It's over 400 pages long but I managed to stay interested throughout the whole thing (I say this as if it's a triumph because I've been having a hard time finishing books lately!) As a musician, I thought it would be cool to maybe... kind of... sooort of understand the music industry... you know, it could come in handy. How Music Works was wonderful and so useful. I don't know what someone who isn't in the music world would think – if you are a big Talking Heads fan, then it's a must, if you don't really care about knowing more about music or David Byrne, well, get your hands on another classic because we only have one life and there are far too many books to read (I always get anxious about this. I'll never read them all). If you are interested, here are some real reviews:

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