October 1, 2014


Neptune 1

Last year in October, I spent a weekend in Boston with my mom. I've finally come around to actually reviewing some of the places we went to. In the next three days I will post some great places to eat in Boston. Here is the first.

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Neptune Oyster

Before my mom moved back to Colombia last year, she came to the US for a month. She visited some cousins and then she came to stay with me for a week. I met her at the bus station in Boston and we spent a beautiful fall weekend there. Boston is one of my favorite cities ever. I love Boston so very much. I also love good food. I am a foodie, I should say. I had never had lobster rolls before so I needed to get one while we were in Boston. I read recommendations, and Neptune Oyster was right up there in the list. We went and had to put our names on the hour long waitlist. But guess what? It was worth it. It was a spectacular lobster roll and even the fries were delicious! I am dying to go back to Boston and when I do, I truly want to go back to that marvelous place. 

If you find yourself craving lobster in Boston, you know where to go. Actually, if you find yourself craving SEAFOOD you know where to go. The menu was full of yummy suggestions, but we just wanted the warm lobster roll that night! Expect a wait and expect to pay a little more than usual (quality stuff). 

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