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October 18, 2014


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Forgive me guys, I realize these are not the most appetizing pictures. I didn't take my camera so I asked a friend if I could use her iphone. And, well, you know, there you go. 

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In early September, Northampton (oh this lovely town) had a "Northampton Restaurant Week". A long list of restaurants participated. They each offered special 3-course meals for 20 or 25 dollars. Not too bad for three courses! So I grabbed four other friends and we went to a place I'd never been to before: Spoleto's. I have to say, we were all really really happy with our meals. I got the filet mignon with fries and it was amazing. I live in France, shouldn't I have had filet mignon by now!? This may be normal (or not) but I usually always need ketchup with my fries. That's just how I like them. Well the filet mignon pepper sauce was delicious and I didn't even bother with ketchup. Finally, the trio of chocolate mousse, chocolate flourless cake and chocolate dipped strawberry... so good! We left (very) full and satisfied! 

spoleto's 6 spoleto's 7

It's the middle of October and I still have a bunch of places I'd like to go to before I leave in the middle of December. How will I fit them all in my schedule? Or actually, where will I find the money? If you are ever in Northampton, ask me for a list of recommendations! I've been around. 

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Jodi H said...

These desserts and that salad look so delicious


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