November 11, 2014



D-31. It must be just that time of year again. No rhyme or reason to getting sick and coming down with a cold. You can wear scarves (two at a time, if you're me) and goddamn useless fingerless gloves, take multi-vitamins and echinacea, drink water, wash your teeth and your face and your hands, it's going to happen because you're just that lucky. Now comes phase two. Rest and attack (because those two obviously go hand in hand.) I went to whole foods and cvs for nyquil, emergen-c, disinfectant wipes and a few other things. I bought a pomelo which is one of my favorite fruits in the entire world. It's huge and I've already had 2/3 of it today. Again the raspberries were on sale at whole foods. And, although not cheap, the bag of clementines was screaming 'buy me! buy me!' so I obeyed because that's how you react to a talking bag of clementines. I also stopped by Noodles for some hot noodle soup. Perfection.

I couldn't go to class this morning, that was for sure. I changed my sheets, opened the window, made tea, changed my pjs, went through a dozen disinfectant wipes wiping everything in sight, made tea, took a shower, made tea, and I then this breakfast. It was delicious and soothing. Rolled oats with dried figs, goji berries, green apple, cinnamon, maca powder, almonds and maple syrup. The best. It deserved a picture and a blog post. I did some work, some drawing and painting, some writing, some reading, some drinking of emergen-c hoping I won't get any of the vitamin-C overdose side effets. It's almost 5pm. Once again I feel like I should have done more. 

There are still a few more hours in the day to be productive. Oh the glorification of 'busy'.
Ample time to finish that pomelo.


RecalcitrantGirl said...

I think you accomplished more than I do even when I'm feeling well, how is that possible? Well none the less your meal looks so delicious, and ideal for this time of the year!

Hatley Thompson said...

Love how you deal with sickness lil sis :) Try Emergen-C! It always gives me a wonderful dose of energy <3

Hollands Reverie said...

Wow- you really know how to rest;) hope you feel better soon!

Yelle said...

ahh i know the feeling. i think i am coming down with something too, it's been 4 days of a sore throat and nothing else. a day of rest and only rest is probably all that i need.

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