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December 12, 2014


mynameisyeh Crepe
yuuum! grape & brie crêpe by molly yeh

Boooonjour! Comment ça va? Ein ein? ooooh. Y'all know I'm moving back home soon. The American in Paris once again. Though I don't feel that American. I feel very European. Worldly. That's it, a woman of the world... Well, just because you don't live in France doesn't mean you can't make delicious French pastries and dinners. I posted some pictures of homemade éclairs a while back, and I will someday post the recipe that works for me, but for now let me say that yes, they were delicious, so you should be happy because this only means you can easily make chocolate éclairs at home! Yay! Here are 10 other great French recipes I'm dying to make... 


My parents never bought this for me. Now I shall MAKE IT. David Lebovitz's Pain d'épices

Jambon Beurre. I know this seems ridiculous but it's so good

I don't eat enough scallops. I should. These...

get your translator working... cheese tomato crumble (in French)

I'm totally afraid of making these... macarons, you're so delicious, I love you

steak with mustard sauce – I made the steak au poivre. This sounds really good too

pain au chocolat – I'd make them for guests

I can't remember the last time I ate rabbit... why so long ago?

cannelés... I think one probably has to taste one from a good French bakery first, and then make them. They can be veeeery good

these apple galettes sound like something the French would enjoy. I know I would


Claire said...

Comme j’adore les crêpes! Avec la glace et du Nutella, qu’est-ce c’est bon. Cette article me donne envie de faire des crêpes ce soir… mmm.

nunù sofia said...

it looks so gooddddd!!!!!! great post ;)
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Kiss from Italy.

Lauren Maria said...

French food is so good! The pastries! This pancake looks delicious

Marika Odoardi said...

so in love with French cuisine!! Great suggestions!

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