December 29, 2014


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The Foundry

This place is great. I went a handful of times, always for coffee or matcha latte, always to study. Last time I wanted to go study on the weekend there was a sign on the door that said 'no wifi on the weekends'. My friend and I stopped in our tracks and hurried the other way to the Roost. Doesn't seem like the smartest business move. However, I've heard great things about their food (they have sandwiches, salads, cheese plates...) and their drinks are really good. They also have beer which is nice, though I've never had any. It was always the middle of the afternoon and I was studying. 

Roost 1 Roost 2 Roost 3 Roost 4 Roost 5 Northampton

All great things. That is all. Goodnight.
I wish I could write just that. God I'm lazy. Then again the Roost deserves more because this place is fantastic. Their kahlua fallen soufflĂ© cake inspired me and Genya to make our own. It still needs some tweaking to be this good but we'll get there! I've also tried a cookie they had out for us to try – it was very good. Their Guinness cake was ok but too cake-y. A bit dry, y'know? This is an excellent place to study (though they have ZERO outlets, so only go with your battery at 100%) and eat and drink and see friends. I'll miss having such a fun place around. 

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