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December 7, 2014


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I am running at 150% right now, trying to get as many papers done as I can this weekend so that this week I can also have a little FUN before I leave on Friday. Damn, I have less than a week left, this is insane. At least my last Friday night in Northampton was a blast. Kady and I finally did the Gin & Tonic taste test night, where we tasted Magellan, Bluecoat and Damrak. Then we went BACK to the store and bought Bombay (which we already knew and which we love). Fever Tree is a great tonic, I have to say. These were such tasty drinks, I had about a million of them. I wish I could say these companies are sponsoring me but they're not. I just love Gin & Tonics. We also spent two hours (at least. this is no joke) in front of the cheese counter at Provisions talking to the lovely guy behind the counter about cheese, wine, salami, moving back to France, so many things. We ended up buying a bit of cheese. Like, six kinds of cheese. Then we went back to my room, drank the Bombay and watched Marc Maron's stand up. Here's other stuff...

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Paloma in Disguise said...

Lovely pictures! I really want it to snow! I love a gin and tonic too - might have to go and make myself one now :)

Hannah x
Paloma in Disguise

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