December 29, 2014


Valentina Duracinsky Cartagena
Silly me. I sure have gone through phases. Jeeesus. When I started this blog, it was very much a fashion blog. Every week I wrote "What I wore" posts and tried to write about fashion as if I knew something about it (HAHAHA). As a young teenager, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I still have all the designs (yep). I talk and think more about minimalism these days. I still enjoy clothes somewhat and putting together outfits for the blog can be fun, but I like other things so much more. Fashion doesn't fulfill me and if people in fashion think they always need more, more, more, maybe it's because fashion itself is so fleeting, passing and truthfully unrewarding.

Some of this might be embarrassing for me... but nobody is forcing me to write this, I guess I just don't care about anything anymore. HERE IT GOES:

1. I was obsessed with high-end brands as a (stupid, stupid) teen. I had one gigantic list of things I wanted to buy, and would just keep adding to it, never actually buying anything. I'm pretty sure I wrote "Louis Vuitton belt" at some point. I never fucking wear belts, man. 

2. When I started my blog, it was heavy on "What I wore today" posts and I wanted to keep things fresh. I had a similar list, more to do with colors than brands. Like, I wanted jeans and coats of every color. This led me to buy way too many things, and now I wish I could go back and slap 18 year old me in the face. Have you seen me? Black everything, always.

3. "25 essentials for any woman's wardrobe & if you don't own them then you're stupid" lists I find online make me want to throw up. But I used to look them up, and that thought also makes me gag.

4. Hey... When did denim underwear become fashionable?

5. Sometimes my mom talks about matching her shoes to her bag and I know deep down she must be an alien. Or a 90 year old woman.

6. I'm pretty oblivious to trends but am aware that I'm being brainwashed too. What? I'm not the only one who wanted a pale pink coat? what are the chances!

7. Sometimes I'll like something until I slowly realize everyone is wearing it... then I'll hate it. 

8. I feel uncomfortable in anything "sexy". Also, completely unrelated: I'm single. 

9. If you can't wear it on a farm, or get it dirty, what's the point...

10. Pinterest girls wearing brown boots, normal jeans, coats and loads of plastic accessories holding Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes... what's so special about it? Also, I cannot relate to fashion bloggers 99% of the time.

11. I refuse to buy anything from Urban Outfitters or American Apparel. I know you're definitely not a hipster, but you're wearing all the things goddammit. Also hashtags belong on Twitter and Instagram, stop bringing them into real life. IT. SCARES. ME. And no more selfies!!

12. When peplum tops were in fashion and didn't suit me at all, I realized you should never do what society tells you to. 

13. Fashion tip: If you look like a Brandi Melville model, congratulations!! you look like everyone else. 

14. The minimalist look popping up on Pinterest is cool sometimes, but other times I'm pretty sure the models are wearing XXXL bags as dresses. 

15. Shirts should not cost $10. Shirts should also not cost $999.  

16. The amount of clothing I own makes me so anxious.

17. I used to buy myself clothes as gifts to myself. This Christmas, I'm getting myself a bottle of Hendrick's. I'm so happy with myself.

18. One morning a few years ago, I was walking down the steps to the metro to go to school and  I tripped and fell on my knees. It was really dramatic and everyone was staring. I quickly got up and walked as if nothing had happened. It was so early, and I was so tired, I almost didn't realize it happened to me. Heels are evil.

19. It's extremely difficult for me to buy clothes these days because I have to answer questions in my head like "Do you need this?" Nope. I don't need any new clothes ever. But I'm human, thus stupid.

20. My favorite jacket is the Nike one my grandmother once handed to me saying "here's your trash bag".


Mary Andrikus said...

Haha, that's true about everyone looks like everyone else! I have so many of my friends who are so obsessed with Michael Kors purses and I never get it why. Those stuffs can eat my whole paycheck in a month.

Anyway, I care about fashion like I care about what I wear. Which means, I wear what I like even though sometimes my outfit looks silly. And lately, I don't buy any clothes unless if I really really love them OR they're under $10 (I'm serious about this) hehe :)

audrey leighton said...

I bounced over you after you commented on Frassy babe, and this list is just incredible. Honest, funny and personal - I agree with you, and hey Hendricks over clothes for Christmas sounds so right to me. Really had me laughing at some of your points here.
I´ll be coming back for sure!

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