January 14, 2015


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Ah yes, there we are. Me and my duck. Okay, the duck from my family's farm in Colombia. I arrived in Paris three days ago and am already thinking mostly about the future (and trying to stay calm about the pitch black darkness.) Today I went shopping for some containers – exciting! I had three suitcases with me from the US... and a closet already full of clothes. No need for math or physics, I can tell you: there is simply no space. There is a need for change. I'd like to take another crack at donating more clothes... but that's just one item on the to-do list. I also have way more beauty products than I thought. Those should be organized and stored. Then there's the "Random" pile. I hate that one. It's everything else. Not clothing, not books, not beauty products... What to keep, what to get rid of, how to put each thing in a category other than "Random"? 

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That is my reality (and it sounds so boring, jeez!) I'd much rather go through my pictures of Colombia. These are all from our time at the family farm. Next I'll share some pictures from our New Year's Eve party which was themed: greek gods. It was a lot of fun. When I arrived in Cali, I still had two days to finish a couple essays for two classes at Smith. I should have finished them before flying to Colombia but as the former queen of procrastination, that just wasn't going to happen. I finished before the whole family (and I mean the whoooole family) packed up for a weekend at the farm. We went for little hikes, walked around to see ducks and horses and chicken, and even made pizza in our new wood-burning oven. My cousin and I spent an extra day there because it's heaven and we didn't want to go home. I wrote a lot and drank loads of coffee. I even made cheese. It was fantastic. 

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There is no wifi at la finca. Do you know how incredibly great it is to go three days with no phone, no internet, no TV? I understand how hard it is to do this at home. It's really the location that matters. For someone constantly on the computer, I'm surprised at how normal it feels to go days without it – and not even miss it! Now I'm home though, and I will need to spend a lot of time on here. So I'm learning to be more productive. It's going great, yeah.
In the pictures above, you can see my family, the animals on the farm, the fruit (I'm picking lulos in the one where I have gigantic red gloves on), our visit to a house with a million hummingbirds, kids falling asleep in the middle of the day, ducks being cute...  

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Linsey Sijmons said...

Beautiful pictures! And the animals are soooo cute :)

xxx Linsey from

You can also check my BLOGLOVIN & FACEBOOK if you like! :)

Francesca Giagnorio said...

These pics are gorgeous!


Charlie D said...

What an absolutely lovely farm. It is hard to disconnect from social media but I find that it's necessary at times and it definitely makes it that much better if you're surrounded by nature !
Anyway just stunning pictures !
Good luck with organising all your things too. I've been working on declutering my house as spring cleaning is happening soon enough, lot's of work but oh so worth it !

Charlie xx

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